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At the Feet of The Mother

February 25-26, 1914 (PM 105)

This prayer reveals to us how to practice detachment in works.

February 25-26, 1914

HE who wants to serve Thee worthily should not be attached to anything, not even to those activities which enable him to commune more consciously with Thee. . . . But if as a result of the totality of circumstances, material things still take a greater place in life than usual, one must know how not to become absorbed by them, how to keep in one’s inmost heart the clear vision of Thy presence and live constantly in that serene peace which nothing can disturb. . . .

Oh, to do everything seeing only Thee everywhere and thus soar above the act that has been carried out, without letting any chain that holds us prisoners to the earth burden our flight. . . .

O Lord, grant that the offering I make to Thee of my being may be integral and effective. With a respectful and loving devotion I bow down before Thee, O ineffable Essence, inconceivable Reality, Nameless One.”

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