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At the Feet of The Mother

Feeling Her Presence Always

To feel the Presence of the Divine Mother one has to just learn to call Her. She is near us, much nearer than we imagine, since accustomed to only what is physical we do not understand that the Divine is nearer to us than nearness itself. Just as a child going to a fair forgets his parents busy watching the various objects of amusement and pleasure, the parents are still there near the child watching over his destiny and progress ready to protect and shield if need be. It is only if we forcibly shake away our hands from Her and run away to be on our own in the wide world fair that we may seem to be far from Her.

Yet the world is so created that while everything is provided for our pleasure and charm, yet there is nothing that endures and little that is true and lasting to satisfy the thirst of our soul. A time comes when we feel sick and tired of this surface play and all its fun games. We want more, not so much in terms of quantity but in terms of quality. It is then that we begin to look for our lost friend, parent, confidante, lover and playmate. She comes to us at first through Her instruments and then when we are ready to receive Her, directly enters our life.

Then we discover with another vision that in fact, She never left us and always watched over us through countless hands. She was always near us in unnumbered bodies and births, but we knew Her not and felt Her not, as the child busy with the toys forgets her mother until the toy is broken or some other need arises. Then all that is needed from the child is a cry or simply to call her mother and there she is ever smiling and gracious.

Call Her as one would call one’s most intimate. Call Her simply as Maa, Maa, Maa and see how close She is and ever was and will be.

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