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At the Feet of The Mother

The Finding of the Soul (SVH 48) Book 7 Canto 5

A reflection in Hindi on Savitri, Book Seven: The Book of Yoga, Canto V: The Finding of the Soul.

At last, she arrives at the doorsteps of the heart’s mystic cave where the soul is hidden surrounded by a wall of mystic fire. A deep humility is her state as she stands upon the threshold waiting to cross and enter the temple of divinity within, crossing the door of fire. This fire guards this seed of divinity in us so that it remains safe and untouched from the outer world’s corrupting influences. Even though something of the soul flows out into our outer life, even though something of it identifies with the outer cover of man, yet inwardly it remains untouched, itself alone. This must be first uncovered and made to conquer nature so that all our mental, vital and even physical movements can be directed and governed by the soul. This is the crucial first step towards the conquest over death. It is to discover one’s immortal soul and to let it govern our nature rather than leave the ego to govern it. Savitri enters this sanctum sanctorum where the inner divinity resides and fuses with her soul. What follows is a tremendous experience. All her subtle centres, the chakras as they are called, open up under the influence of the soul and their energies pour upon her. Each centre opens and gives to her nature a new uplift. All begin to refine and soar upwards under the influence of the psychic being. The Kundalini Shakti is now fully awake and aroused from her sleep in matter and prepares her for the mighty work she has come down to accomplish. Wonderful though this state is, yet it is an individual victory. She has come for the world and hence her journey cannot stop here. She must discover the last secret.

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