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At the Feet of The Mother

Following the Path of Integral Yoga

The Yoga in the true sense needs a high degree of commitment and sincerity as in any other field of human effort. This is often wanting in human nature which runs at every knock and call of surface things. Yoga requires just the opposite effort of turning all our time and energies within towards the goal. Hence a certain degree of preparedness is required which is what life experiences,  often painful, are eventually meant to do. Yoga cannot be done casually as a pastime or hobby. Not only it would end up in a failure but may even be dangerous since one is touching the Ultimate Mystery without covers. It needs strength to bear the impact. Besides yoga cannot be done by a divided will. One cannot put one’s legs in two boats pulling in very different directions and hope to stay fine.

This does not mean that the yoga is not meant for all. All that it means is that a certain preparedness is required and if one sincerely wants to take it up one should start the work of preparation. To use a modern phrase ‘conditions apply’. Even when one is in a state of genuine surrender yet one has to aspire and be in a state to receive what is being given. A tamasic surrender wanting God to do everything will not do because then we won’t be able to receive anything.

Finally, yoga comes with a price tag and that is not money which is easier to part with.  One has to steadily disown the ego and desire self, disinherit ambition and focus on the one goal that something in us has chosen.  As the Gita puts it beautifully, one cannot do yoga with a hesitating heart and a doubting mind. So while Sri Aurobindo’s words are always uplifting and there are many beautiful priceless pearls that enrich our lives with the glow and sparkle of Truth and Love, yet there is always a gap between reading and doing, between the talk and the walk as they say. They who are ready to walk the talk and put the teaching into practice can surely take up the yoga.

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What the Supramental will do the mind cannot foresee or lay down. The mind is Ignorance seeking for the Truth, the supramental by its very definition is Truth-Consciousness.