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At the Feet of The Mother

General Sadhana


During the morning Pranam and in the evening before the Mother, water began to pour out of the eyes profusely. Would you kindly explain the reason?

There is nothing to explain, it is quite natural. It is the psychic emotion of the inner being that brings the tears.

When I do something wrong, many parts of my being suffer and lament.

Lamentation is no use. To be conscious and eliminate is the proper way.

Whatever basis was necessary for the higher action is now established, so I see no more need for periods of rest or a decrease of intensity in the sadhana. The intensity can go on increasing every day.

The intensity very seldom remains even for a long time in these things — it rises and falls and rises again. That is the normal movement.

The rich and intense condition of sadhana I had three days ago has now returned with a greater fullness! Could I ask you a question that has been puzzling me? How and why did that state get veiled for three long days?

These things do not depend on definite mental reasons and cannot be dealt with by a mental rule. It is the oscillations in a mass of forces playing together and can be dealt with only by a fixed will in the consciousness to progress through all vicissitudes.

If its going was due to a relaxation in the being, how did it come about? If due to a surging up of inertia, why did it surge up just at that time? The same question could be asked about my identification with the inertia.

A thousand questions can be asked about anything whatsoever, but to answer would require a volume, and even then the mind would understand nothing. It is only by a growth in the consciousness itself that you can get some direct perception of these things. But for that the mind must be quiet and a direct feeling and intuition take its place.

I asked you such questions not only for my intellectual interest, though that is there, but also for understanding them and putting the knowledge into practice.

That also is intellectual — to find a mental device for dealing with these things. Rather keep the mind quiet and let direct, intuitive observation and understanding grow in you.

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