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At the Feet of The Mother

The Gifts of Intuition pp 41-42

Opening remarks
As the seer awakens to the workings of Intuition within him, he develops new ways of knowing and understanding life. A new relation begins to form between himself and the world replacing the old, egocentric view and the laborious mental understanding that is subject to error and misjudgment.

The inspiring goddess
The inspiring goddess entered a mortal’s breast,
Made there her study of divining thought
And sanctuary of prophetic speech
And sat upon the tripod seat of mind:
All was made wide above, all lit below.

Sri Aurobindo here reveals to us that the powers of Intuition and inspiration are not just faculties that open up within us but standing behind them there are powers or feminine energies that dwell on the heights of creation. As we open more and more to their workings, they enter into the heart. It is from the now sealed depths of the heart that this intuition arises illumining the truth behind all things and lending to our human speech and mental understanding the prophetic vision and speech. As our consciousness expands the horizons of our intuitive knowledge also expands. All is made wide above, all lit below, so to say.

Wells of Light
In darkness’ core she dug out wells of light,
On the undiscovered depths imposed a form,
Lent a vibrant cry to the unuttered vasts,
And through great shoreless, voiceless, starless breadths
Bore earthward fragments of revealing thought
Hewn from the silence of the Ineffable.

Even in darkness a hidden Wisdom works. It is this wisdom that is unsealed before our eyes with the working of intuition. Descending from the heights it enters mortal sphere of ignorance granting to the human consciousness the joy of revelatory sight.

A Voice in the heart and the seeing thought
A Voice in the heart uttered the unspoken Name,
A dream of seeking Thought wandering through Space
Entered the invisible and forbidden house:
The treasure was found of a supernal Day.

The power of Intuition awakens in us the Word that expresses That which is beyond Thought and Speech. She leads us to the doors of Unmanifest, where the greater Glories of the Spirit abide. We begin to receive the messages from the depths of our inmost heart; our thought illumined with clarity becomes a seeing thought.

The jewel lamps in the subconscient
In the deep subconscient glowed her jewel-lamp;
Lifted, it showed the riches of the Cave     (p. 42 begins)
Where, by the miser traffickers of sense
Unused, guarded beneath Night’s dragon paws,
In folds of velvet darkness draped they sleep
Whose priceless value could have saved the world.

A concealed intuition works even in our subconscient regions. The awakening of Intuition reveals its occult workings there in our subconscious depths. We discover how our senses have diverted the messages of the Light and what dormant and priceless energies lie there waiting for our discovery. Instead of being used divinely they are right now hoarded and distorted rather than turned to Divine work and Divine Purpose.

The lost herds of the sun
A darkness carrying morning in its breast
Looked for the eternal wide returning gleam,
Waiting the advent of a larger ray
And rescue of the lost herds of the Sun.

This is the truth that lies asleep in the dark depths of the Inconscient. This Truth hiding in the darkness must be discovered for the fullness of life and yoga. As the rain of Intuition increases and the Light goes deeper and deeper, the darkness is cleaved and opens itself to the transforming touch of the Light. The light of Intuition reveals to us the Divine Presence hidden in Darkness. Then we see that Darkness itself is a preparation for a New Dawn. This dawn is the awaited birth of the New Consciousness that will save the ‘fallen angels’ and restore them to their original statue of the gods.

The golden shekels of the Eternal
In a splendid extravagance of the waste of God
Dropped carelessly in creation’s spendthrift work,
Left in the chantiers of the bottomless world
And stolen by the robbers of the Deep,
The golden shekels of the Eternal lie,
Hoarded from touch and view and thought’s desire,
Locked in blind antres of the ignorant flood,
Lest men should find them and be even as Gods.

There are powers and divinities and their energies that have strayed from their course and fallen under the sway and spell of the Inconscient. The Light of Intuition reaches there to rescue these powers now under the possession of the robbers of the deep, that is to say, the dark forces that now govern material existence. Once these tremendous forces had worked upon Earth and moulded it under their mighty influence. Now these powers begin to yield their secrets to the awakening eye of Intuition.

A grand reversal
A vision lightened on the viewless heights,
A wisdom illumined from the voiceless depths:
A deeper interpretation greatened Truth,
A grand reversal of the Night and Day;
All the world’s values changed heightening life’s aim;
A wiser word, a larger thought came in
Than what the slow labour of human mind can bring,
The awakening of Intuition brings Wisdom, the wisdom that can see the Truth hidden behind appearances. With this change a new understanding dawns upon the mind and the thought enlarges itself to reveal the total picture that was hitherto hidden. There is a reversal of consciousness so to say and with it the old values and measures of our mind undergo a transformative change.

A secret sense awoke
A secret sense awoke that could perceive
A Presence and a Greatness everywhere.
It is intuition that senses the Divine Presence and its workings everywhere. It is the Sense behind sense that awakening shows us what our mortal senses in their ordinary operations miss.

The body of God
The universe was not now this senseless whirl
Borne round inert on an immense machine;
It cast away its grandiose lifeless front,
A mechanism no more or work of Chance,
But a living movement of the body of God.

A new meaning begins to emerge as we become conscious of the Divine working behind creation. When we behold the universe with the eye of Intuition, it no more appears as a mechanical drifting of material forms driven by an inconscient Energy but the very outermost body of God moved by the breath of a secret Consciousness.

Closing remarks
Thus the mind and heart of man gets intuitivised and transformed into the mind and heart of the seer.

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