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At the Feet of The Mother

Gifts of Her Grace (TE 460)

This talk touches upon the gifts that the Mother has brought for earth and humanity. The following texts by the Mother and Sri Aurobindo were used:

“What I want to bring about in the material world, upon the earth.
1) Perfect Consciousness.
2) Integral Knowledge, omniscience.
3) Power invincible, irresistible, ineluctable; omnipotence.
4) Health, perfect, constant, unshakable; perpetually renewed energy.
5) Eternal youth, constant growth, uninterrupted progress.
6) Perfect beauty, complex and total harmony.
7) Inexhaustible unparalleled riches, control over all the wealth of this world.
8) The gift of healing and giving happiness.
9) Immunity from all accidents, invulnerability against all adverse attacks.
10) Perfect power of expression in all fields and all activities.
11) The gift of tongues, the power of making oneself understood perfectly by all.
12) And all else necessary for the accomplishment of Thy work.
23 October 1937
I wish
1) personally to be eternally the perfect expression of the Supreme Divine.
2) that the supramental victory, manifestation and transformation should take place at once.
3) that all suffering should disappear for ever from the worlds present and future.” [CWM 13:41-42]

“The inner fruit of the Avatar’s coming is gained by those who learn from it the true nature of the divine birth and the divine works and who, growing full of him in their consciousness and taking refuge in him with their whole being, manmayā mām upāśritāḥ, purified by the realising force of their knowledge and delivered from the lower nature, attain to the divine being and divine nature, madbhāvam. The Avatar comes to reveal the divine nature in man above this lower nature and to show what are the divine works, free, unegoistic, disinterested, impersonal, universal, full of the divine light, the divine power and the divine love. He comes as the divine personality which shall fill the consciousness of the human being and replace the limited egoistic personality, so that it shall be liberated out of ego into infinity and universality, out of birth into immortality. He comes as the divine power and love which calls men to itself, so that they may take refuge in that and no longer in the insufficiency of their human wills and the strife of their human fear, wrath and passion, and liberated from all this unquiet and suffering may live in the calm and bliss of the Divine. Nor does it matter essentially in what form and name or putting forward what aspect of the Divine he comes; for in all ways, varying with their nature, men are following the path set to them by the Divine which will in the end lead them to him and the aspect of him which suits their nature is that which they can best follow when he comes to lead them; in whatever way men accept, love and take joy in God, in that way God accepts, loves and takes joy in man. Ye yathā māṁ prapadyante tāṁs tathaiva bhajāmyaham.” [CWSA 19:175-176]

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