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At the Feet of The Mother

Gita 3: Daivi and Asuri Sampada (Godlike and Titanic Qualities) (TH 095)

Gita gives us a vast and great understanding of work and the motive behind it. There is deva sampada or divine riches and another kind of riches that belong to the Asura or the titan in man.  One has to be very careful in the attitude towards life and its happenings. Nonviolence, absence of anger, peace, kindness, to excuse, fearlessness, purity of temperament, steadfastness for knowledge, offering, tapasya, absence of fault finding, straightforwardness, compassion to all etc are divine qualities. Where asuric sampada are like arrogance, anger, harshness and ignorance. The deva qualities lead us towards liberation. Asuric qualities lead us towards bondage. Human being is given chance to acquire the higher states of consciousness by acquiring the godlike attributes. A person walking in the path of divine has to be ever conscious about these and choose the right thing that helps for his growth.

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