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At the Feet of The Mother

Gita 5: Prakriti, Guna evam Karma (TH 097)

There are three things in works – (1) the Instrument (2) the Worker (the force or power using the instrument) (3) the Master (for whom the work is done). Human being has many elements like physical body, mind, life energy and soul. The mind, life and body are the instruments of the soul even though they have been used by the ego until the soul awakens and takes charge of its house. Therefore purification of instruments is needed since for long they have acted under the impulsions of ego and desire. Nature works through three gunas, – Sattwa-Raja-Tama. One has to understand the play of ego and the forces  of lower nature and the three gunas and then go beyond it. Through persistent practice and offering, the human adhara gets ready for this upliftment.

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