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At the Feet of The Mother

Gita 6: Karma as Yajna (Works as Sacrifice) (TH 098)

Gita prepares us for a yajna, where the whole life is offered to the divine so that the divine ananda can fulfill our life. For that Sri krishna holds our hand and shows us the way through Karmayoga, bhaktiyoga, Jnana yoga. Life is a journey from lower nature to super-nature. Ordinary life works in the grip of lower nature. Life gets purified slowly when it is lived the way Gita says. Constant remembrance and offering it to the divine is the wide and simple path, if this is difficult, at least offering of all the karma will suffice. If this is also difficult, just do all the karmas for the Divine, says Gita. And what are the qualities of a yogi? The Gita describes  us in detail how to recognize the growing energy of Yoga within us. Absence of egoism, friend of all, steadfast in the practice of  yoga and the fulfilment of dharma, equal to pleasure and pain, patient, forgiving, mastery over oneself are some of the quality of a yogi. If in our life, we try to live in the path shown in Gita, our life will surely bear new meanings and prepares us for a new transformation.

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