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At the Feet of The Mother

Gita 8: Man ki Seemayen evam Bhakti ka Marg (Limitations of Mind & Way of the Heart) (TH 100)

In the domain of mind truth can be explained and understood to an extent, but the complete truth cannot be achieved as truth remains beyond mind. This is so because  the mind is a finite instrument created by nature for her inferior play whereas Truth is infinite. There is a range of consciousness and in each level truth manifests according to the possibility of manifestation. In mental level, the understanding comes by analyzing things in pieces; mind also depends on sensory organs and has limitations. Many intellectual minds are unable to make their intelligence free and vast enough to get a glimpse of Truth or even to understand Its workings. I get baffled, confused, and hostile to truth or became a prey of falsehood, or the mask of darkness. Only a sincere devotion can save us from this evil.

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