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At the Feet of The Mother


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Aswapati: Yogi and King, father of Savitri. Literally Lord of the Horse. Symbolically the Lord of tapasya or the concentrated energy of spiritual endeavour that helps us to rise from the mortal to immortal planes.

Avatar: The Divine Descent upon earth assuming a form and name to redeem earth and humanity.

Hiranyagarbha: The golden womb or the Lord of the dream state.

Jyotirbrahman: The supreme Reality in all its effulgence.

Karma: Energy set into motion through speech, will, emotions, thoughts and action.

Lila: The Divine Play (referring to the Divine dealings with the world).

Mahanirvana: The final plunge into a state of dissolution in the Supreme.

Moksha: Freedom from Ignorance.

Prajna: The Lord in Superconscient state.

Purusha: The static poise of the One Reality, the witness poise.

Purushottama: The Highest Purusha or the Supreme Being.

Satyavan: The soul of man carrying the Divine Truth within itself but here fallen in the grip of ignorance and death.

Savitri: Daughter of yogi and king Aswapati, partial Incarnation of the Divine Mother in far back times. Symbolically she represents the daughter of the Sun, The Creative Divine Word.

Shakti: The Lord’s Power in all Her Splendour.

Shoonyam: Nothingness or Nihil.

Turiya: The Supreme state that contains within itself all others.

Virat: The Lord of the outer material creation.

Yoganidra: Conscious Sleep attained through the practice of yoga.