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At the Feet of The Mother

God’s Great Purpose in Small Insignificant Things, pp. 137-138

Opening Remarks
This small, seemingly insignificant world of early life forms holds a purpose of God. It is the first step that matter takes towards a much greater climb that is its inevitable destiny. It is an infant step but a significant one since it means a crossing over of the borderland between inanimate and living matter. Once this difficult transition takes place, as it does in this world of early life forms, then the rest of the unfolding will be easier so to say. Once life is established firmly within matter and takes its roots, then it is a matter of time for its full efflorescence.

The spirit’s wakened eye
But judged not so his spirit’s wakened eye.

The ordinary eye of man sees only the surfaces of things and draws hasty conclusions from it. But the surfaces do not reveal the mystic source and the meaning and purpose that is being fulfilled through the outer phenomenon.

A solitary witness star
As shines a solitary witness star
That burns apart, Light’s lonely sentinel,
In the drift and teeming of a mindless Night,
A single thinker in an aimless world
Awaiting some tremendous dawn of God,
He saw the purpose in the works of Time.

Aswapati now casts his glance deep into this vague, uncertain world. His seer-vision beholds the Purpose that mingles in the flowing stream of life. As a lonely star burns in distant sky awaiting for the sun to illume the entire field, he awaits the supramental dawn that has at once justify and fulfil this creation. It is this for which the world was made; it is for this that creation awaits.

A work was done
Even in that aimlessness a work was done
Pregnant with magic will and change divine.

Even when we seem to drift God is still leading us. A purpose is served even when we do not seem to find one. Hidden from our outward eye, a secret Intelligence is always at work.

The cosmic serpent
The first writhings of the cosmic serpent Force
Uncoiled from the mystic ring of Matter’s trance;
It raised its head in the warm air of life.

The cosmic serpent is the symbol of the evolutionary Energy that drives creation. It is asleep in matter which is the base of all things here. Slowly it awakens and rises through life and mind to reach out towards its own Source, the Godhead sleeping in its own mystic heart.

The slow awakening
It could not cast off yet Night’s stiffening sleep
Or wear as yet mind’s wonder-flecks and streaks,
Put on its jewelled hood the crown of soul
Or stand erect in the blaze of spirit’s sun.

Evolution is a slow and deliberate process. The first stir of life amidst the world of material forms is yet far from the emergence of mind and soul that are yet to come. It is as if someone had just woken from sleep and still feels the stiffness and the need to rest. There is still the heavy inertia on the lids of life.

Turbid yeast
As yet were only seen foulness and force,
The secret crawl of consciousness to light
Through a fertile slime of lust and battening sense,
Beneath the body’s crust of thickened self
A tardy fervent working in the dark,
The turbid yeast of Nature’s passionate change,
Ferment of the soul’s creation out of mire.

As a baker puts yeast in his dough so does the Master uses this early life form full of foulness and force as yeast to stir matter and make it rise. Lust and the strong urge of blind desires, rage and fear begin to stir the inertia of matter and push it beyond its rigid limits and hard boundaries. Pushed by this heavy crude force matter begins to move and crawl and climb and fly towards its distant Fate.

The grey disguise
A heavenly process donned this grey disguise,
A fallen ignorance in its covert night
Laboured to achieve its dumb unseemly work,
A camouflage of the Inconscient’s need
To release the glory of God in Nature’s mud.

Indeed God is hidden even in this mud and slime of earth nature as a lotus seed in the mire awaiting its hour. This crudeness is also a mask, a dark and hideous disguise that God has worn for the work of awakening matter to its divine possibilities. Even in the dark and formidable Inconscient the Glory and greatness of God is hidden and it slowly emerges through the evolutionary process, inhabiting one form after another until there shall emerge the form divine upon earth.

Closing Remarks
God is the secret Truth that Nature hides behind every form, however hideous and crude or ugly it may seem to our ignorant eyes. We need to see creation with Aswapati’s eyes awakened to the hidden majesty and splendour of God. Until then we need to see it with the eye of faith that God is everywhere and at work in the depth of all things for His tremendous purpose now concealed to our ignorance.

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