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At the Feet of The Mother

Gratitude (17/18) Eternal Supermind Touch Earthly Time

But when the hour of the Divine draws near
The Mighty Mother shall take birth in Time
And God be born into the human clay
In forms made ready by your human lives.
Then shall the Truth supreme be given to men:
There is a being beyond the being of mind,
An Immeasurable cast into many forms,
A miracle of the multitudinous One,
There is a consciousness mind cannot touch,
Its speech cannot utter nor its thought reveal.
It has no home on earth, no centre in man,
Yet is the source of all things thought and done,
The fount of the creation and its works,
It is the origin of all truth here,
The sun-orb of mind’s fragmentary rays,
Infinity’s heaven that spills the rain of God,
The Immense that calls to man to expand the Spirit,
The wide Aim that justifies his narrow attempts,
A channel for the little he tastes of bliss.
Some shall be made the glory’s receptacles
And vehicles of the Eternal’s luminous power.
These are the high forerunners, the heads of Time,
The great deliverers of earth-bound mind,
The high transfigurers of human clay,
The first-born of a new supernal race.
The incarnate dual Power shall open God’s door,
Eternal supermind touch earthly Time.
The superman shall wake in mortal man
And manifest the hidden demigod
Or grow into the God-Light and God-Force
Revealing the secret deity in the cave. [Savitri: 705]

The curtain seemed to have drawn on Sri Aurobindo’s physical life but the Mother started with a Divine haste to lift up all the curtains one by one. The Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education was established as a fitting memorial to Sri Aurobindo to prepare the children for the future. She had already laid the foundations of physical education to make the human body conscious, receptive and open to the forces of transformation. The evening classes started with the Mother at the centre answering and preparing man for the fast approaching Supramental Consciousness. Finally the Supramental Manifestation did begin from the 29th February 1956 with the collective meditation in the Ashram playground.

The Mother carried the work further to its logical limits. On the 29 February 1956, with no witness but the gods above and nature below, the golden gates of the Supramental Sun were opened and its Light and Consciousness of Truth began streaming down upon earth. Since then, the world is being increasingly shaped by this New Consciousness and humanity is being prepared and moulded to express a new mode of being. The vision of this New Life that is being opened before man and moving slowly but assuredly towards its future fulfillment is so beautifully captured in Sri Aurobindo’s mantric poem Savitri:

All then shall change, a magic order come
Overtopping this mechanical universe.
A mightier race shall inhabit the mortal’s world.
On Nature’s luminous tops, on the Spirit’s ground,
The superman shall reign as king of life,
Make earth almost the mate and peer of heaven,
And lead towards God and truth man’s ignorant heart
And lift towards godhead his mortality.
Light shall invade the darkness of its base.
Then in the process of evolving Time
All shall be drawn into a single plan,
A divine harmony shall be earth’s law,
Beauty and joy remould her way to live:
Even the body shall remember God,….
The Spirit’s tops and Nature’s base shall draw
Near to the secret of their separate truth
And know each other as one deity.
The Spirit shall look out through Matter’s gaze
And Matter shall reveal the Spirit’s face. [Savitri: 706, 707, 709]

We may say that the work for which Sri Aurobindo and the Mother came was fulfilled in a way on the 29th February 1956. Sri Aurobindo had predicted this in one of his diary notes. He had already laid the seal of this promise in Savitri. The Mother had hinted this 14 months before the actual manifestation of the Supermind began. It was now a question of time that it’s complete action would emerge more and more through an evolutionary process and change the animal humanity of today into the divine superhumanity of tomorrow. The New World was born and the things that were promised had been fulfilled. She could have withdrawn from the earthly scene and the limits of our senses thence. But in Her deep love She continued to carry the evolution of the new consciousness in man to the last limits of the body cells. All that is a saga that is yet to be fully told, it is yet to fully unfold. We could reflect and meditate upon these words of the Mother that she wrote when she saw when she first met Sri Aurobindo with a new significance:

Gradually the horizon becomes distinct, the path grows clear, and we move towards a greater and greater certitude.

It   matters little that there are thousands of beings plunged in the densest ignorance, He whom we saw yesterday is on earth; his presence is enough to prove that a day will come when darkness shall be transformed into light, and Thy reign shall be indeed established upon earth.

O Lord, Divine Builder of this marvel, my heart overflows with joy and gratitude when I think of it, and my hope has no bounds.

My adoration is beyond all words, my reverence is silent. [CWM 1:113]




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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.