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At the Feet of The Mother

Gratitude (18/18) The Life Divine

The Truth shall be the leader of their lives,
Truth shall dictate their thought and speech and act,
They shall feel themselves lifted nearer to the sky,
As if a little lower than the gods.
For knowledge shall pour down in radiant streams
And even darkened mind quiver with new life
And kindle and burn with the Ideal’s fire
And turn to escape from mortal ignorance.
The frontiers of the Ignorance shall recede,
More and more souls shall enter into light,
Minds lit, inspired, the occult summoner hear
And lives blaze with a sudden inner flame
And hearts grow enamoured of divine delight
And human wills tune to the divine will,
These separate selves the Spirit’s oneness feel,
These senses of heavenly sense grow capable,
The flesh and nerves of a strange ethereal joy
And mortal bodies of immortality.
A divine force shall flow through tissue and cell
And take the charge of breath and speech and act
And all the thoughts shall be a glow of suns
And every feeling a celestial thrill.
Often a lustrous inner dawn shall come
Lighting the chambers of the slumbering mind;
A sudden bliss shall run through every limb
And Nature with a mightier Presence fill.
Thus shall the earth open to divinity
And common natures feel the wide uplift,
Illumine common acts with the Spirit’s ray
And meet the deity in common things.
Nature shall live to manifest secret God,
The Spirit shall take up the human play,
This earthly life become the life divine.” [Savitri: 710]

Having given a concrete form and shape to Sri Aurobindo’s Vision and Work, the Mother also withdrew on 17 November 1973. Sri Aurobindo’s withdrawal was a supreme strategic sacrifice while the Mother’s withdrawal was the grand culmination or the fulfillment. No more tied to an earthly physical body their action has become much more powerful and universal. They have left for us as divine gifts all that we would ever need to walk the way, — their luminous words, books that leave no area of human life and spiritual endeavor untouched, music, mantras to meditate and concentrate upon, spaces where one could find the spiritual and supramental nourishment to facilitate the journey, even their physical Presence in the form of so many divine Relics that are charged with their physical atmosphere and above all, the Samadhi where one can still feel and find the living Presence. They have embodied and packed their utmost vision and power in ‘Savitri’ and ‘Prayers and Meditations’. And now, the Supermind is already here, active upon earth, pressing more and more powerfully with each passing year to take humanity closer and closer with an increasing rapidity towards the new goal of divine life and the progressive divinization of man and his earthly body. A double action is going on at present to ensure that the New Creation will be realized despite all our resistances and ill-will. On the one hand human beings are being pulled by the flame of aspiration lit up within towards this new realisation. On the other hand humanity is also being pushed from below and behind through the power of crashing circumstances.

We stand today at the threshold of a New Age. It is period of great upheavals and confusions, when the old bases get shaken so that a deeper and stronger foundation can be secured and the new things may manifest upon earth. The best way we can express our homage and gratitude to Sri Aurobindo is to be a living example of His teaching. This is perhaps also the best way to collaborate in their work of a progressive terrestrial transformation. There is not a shadow of doubt that the transformation is going to be. Yet man has his humble role to play in making the process shorter and smoother or longer and painful. In a significant message given to earth and humanity, the Mother invites us to this New Life:

The future of the earth depends on a change of consciousness.
The only hope for the future is in a change of man’s consciousness and the change is bound to come.
But it is left to men to decide if they will collaborate for this change or if it will have to be enforced upon them by the power of crashing circumstances.
So, wake up and collaborate! [CWM 15:60]

A new world, based on Truth and refusing the old slavery to falsehood, wants to take birth.
In all countries, there are people who know it, at least feel it.
To them we call, “Will you collaborate?” [CWM 15:62]

And collaborate we must, for the command is clear:

Men, countries, continents
The choice is imperative
Truth or the abyss. [CWM 15:175]

What is needed of us to be part of this New World in the making, to collaborate is a sincere yes from our inmost heart. The demand made upon us is not some big outward action, not speeches and seminars, not even an intellectual or political revolution, though these things have their own place in the march of civilization and the progress of earthly life. Yet it is something deeper, truer, a blossoming from within outwards that is needed, a spiritual revolution so to say. The New World is created by the light and fire of faith and aspiration focused on this one single aim, this one single goal. Our main occupation should be to live, to act, and to be t  he New Life whose doors have been opened for mankind by the twin tapasya of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and for which their dynamic Help is always there. They are ready to do it for us, they will do it for us, all that is needed is our consent, a sincere consent.

The Mother guides us:

Sri Aurobindo gives the answer: “If man could once consent to be spiritualised.” If only the individual could consent to be spiritualised… could consent.

Something in him asks for it, aspires, and all the rest refuses, wants to continue to be what it is: the mixed ore which needs to be cast into the furnace.

At the moment we are at a decisive turning-point in the history of the earth, once again. From every side I am asked, “What is going to happen?” Everywhere there is anguish, expectation, fear. “What is going to happen?…” There is only one reply: “If only man could consent to be spiritualised.”

And perhaps it would be enough if some individuals became pure gold, for this would be enough to change the course of events…. We are faced with this necessity in a very urgent way.

This courage, this heroism which the Divine wants of us, why not use it to fight against one’s own difficulties, one’s own imperfections, one’s own obscurities? Why not heroically face the furnace of inner purification so that it does not become necessary to pass once more through one of those terrible, gigantic destructions which plunge an entire civilisation into darkness?

This is the problem before us. It is for each one to solve it in his own way.

This evening I am answering the questions I have been asked, and my reply is that of Sri Aurobindo: If man could once consent to be spiritualised….

And I add: Time presses… from the human point of view. [CWM 9: 75]


Om Namo Bhagawate Sri Arvindaye

Om Anandamayee Chaitanyamayee Satyamayee Parame

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.