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At the Feet of The Mother

The Great Promise and the Hope pp 58-59

Opening remarks
The great and luminous gods may be seated high and distant from our earth and unconcerned with our pain but there is here, always with us, a secret aid from the Divine who dwells within man. It is due to this aid that man can hope and dare and progress despite all the difficulties and challenges on the way. It is the great promise of the Future and the logic of creation that since the Divine has become this creation, the creation will one day become divine.

A spiritual secret aid
Yet a spiritual secret aid is there;
While a tardy Evolution’s coils wind on
And Nature hews her way through adamant
A divine intervention thrones above.

We are not left alone to our own limited resources. The Divine intervenes in our individual and collective life leading us in the evolutionary march through all the trials and challenges of our earthly life.

An outstretched hand
Alive in a dead rotating universe      (p 59 begins)
We whirl not here upon a casual globe
Abandoned to a task beyond our force;
Even through the tangled anarchy called Fate
And through the bitterness of death and fall
An outstretched Hand is felt upon our lives.

Indeed He is closer than we can even understand by our limited vision that sees the complex play of Fate and Death but not the saving Hand of Grace that is always there to Help and to Succour. Creation is not an accident. Behind the seeming anomalies of life there is the touch of Grace helping the soul to progress through all the bitterness and struggle and fall. Through this journey that spans through many lives, this Hand of Grace carries us through it all.

The unslackening grasp
It is near us in unnumbered bodies and births;
In its unslackening grasp it keeps for us safe
The one inevitable supreme result
No will can take away and no doom change,
The crown of conscious Immortality,
The godhead promised to our struggling souls
When first man’s heart dared death and suffered life.
In fact the Hand of God always there; it never  leaves us. All else fades away with transition from one life to another but this wonderful Divine Presence comes only nearer and nearer. It labours incessantly through many lives to make us fully conscious of who we truly are. It is there with us since our soul entered the tremendous adventure of Time and Space with His eternal Promise that all else may fail but He shall never abandon us and lead us to the foreseen Divine Victory.
Everything leads us towards the Divine  
One who has shaped this world is ever its lord:
Our errors are his steps upon the way;
He works through the fierce vicissitudes of our lives,
He works through the hard breath of battle and toil,
He works through our sins and sorrows and our tears,
His knowledge overrules our nescience;
Whatever the appearance we must bear,
Whatever our strong ills and present fate,
When nothing we can see but drift and bale,
A mighty Guidance leads us still through all.

The Creator is one with His creation and dwells within it as the secret Lord and Master. Whatever be the outer conditions of life; whatever our inner and outer state; whatever difficulties we may be besieged with, even through what we call as evil and sin, the Divine Guidance and Help are always there with us. Even when the appearances are dark and terrible, even when we cannot perceive it due to our Ignorance and Unconsciousness, He is there with us, holding us close, carrying us through the dark and dangerous passage. This is the secret truth we must never forget.

God’s Bliss and Oneness
After we have served this great divided world
God’s bliss and oneness are our inborn right.

We must never lose faith. We must go through this great battle of life with the Spirit of Service to the One. Then regardless of our present and immediate predicament, Gods bliss and oneness awaits us as the crown of fulfillment at the end of the journey. It is our birthright since in our deepest essence we are a portion of the Divine, one with His Bliss and Truth and Peace and Light.

Anniversary of our birth sublime
A date is fixed in the calendar of the Unknown,
An anniversary of the Birth sublime:
Our soul shall justify its chequered walk,
All will come near that now is naught or far.

The sublime Birth is the moment our soul, conscious of its task, plunged into the adventure of consciousness, accepting a limited form and name, assuming a finite body and dared to live in a world subject to ignorance and death. Its path and curve of destiny as well as its hour of fulfillment has already been foreseen and decided. It is bound to draw closer and closer through a progressive unfolding in Time.

Calm and distant Mights
These calm and distant Mights shall act at last.

A time finally comes with the passage of our long evolutionary journey when man discovers his own godhead. Then is he a god among gods and these now distant and mighty Godheads become his playmates, act in his thoughts and will, move in his impulses and actions, manifesting through the human vessel.

Closing remarks
The Divine Grace is always with us through all the difficulties, struggle and pain that we encounter in our long evolutionary journey. It is there even when appearances and dark and we do not see it. This wonderful Divine Presence shining at the core of all things is our supreme Hope. Surely It will lead man one day out of his present state of suffering and evil and sin and crown him with the godhead he deserves, the godhead promised to him at the very start of his journey. This is the truth we must always hold within through all the long and difficult journey and the dark passages of life.

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