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At the Feet of The Mother

Growing within (TH 175)

An exploration with the Children from Integral School – Odisha.

There are physical strengths; there are mental, vital and spiritual strengths.  Our Body grows by regular exercises, mind by concentration, wideness, thought control and our soul grows by love, compassion, aspiration etc. By doing regular exercises in all these levels and domains we can grow in different parts of our nature. Sometimes life gives lots of trouble. It seems dry. But spring comes after summer. So let’s learn to wait and prepare. Knowledge comes from all the quarters. Each element of creation like tree, sky, stone etc. gives us continuous teaching. By all these, we accumulate treasure and this is true treasure which cannot be destroyed. Here the speaker trying to explain the children basics of inner and outer life and growth.

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Hypnotism is a form — a form modernised in its expression — of occultism; a very limited, very small form of a very tiny power compared with occult power.