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At the Feet of The Mother

Growth into the integral Godhead pp 23-24

Opening remarks
The evolutionary journey does not stop with the discovery and identification with the soul. It is rather the first fundamental step from where other possibilities of ascension open their doors.

A beam of the Eternal
A beam of the Eternal smites his heart,
His thought stretches into infinitude;    (p 24 begins)
All in him turns to spirit vastnesses.

New possibilities of growth and progress open before us once we become conscious of our soul, know ourselves as the soul. There is ascension to higher and vaster domains of the Spirit. The limits imposed by the ego-self falls away from us, a Ray from the Timeless Glory descends, taking hold of the individual and making us a vessel of the Eternal.

His soul breaks out to join the Oversoul,
His life is oceaned by that superlife.

The individual psychic being discovers itself as the central being, the Jivatma beyond Time and Space. Our little life bound and circumscribed by the boundaries of ignorance, imposed by nature and the ego-self, breaks beyond the barriers into the cosmic consciousness.

A topless Supernature
He has drunk from the breasts of the Mother of the worlds;
A topless Supernature fills his frame:
She adopts his spirit’s everlasting ground
As the security of her changing world
And shapes the figure of her unborn mights.

Once our being breaks free from the limited ego-sense and enters the wideness of the Spirit, Knowledge begins to pour from Transcendent regions of Light and Bliss. Born to an ignorant and limited nature, we are adopted by a Divine Supernature, the Divine Power who then begins to shape and move our lives towards a diviner image. The individual becomes a vibhuti, as they say in India, a vessel through whom the Divine Shakti pours Her Light and Might.

Unveiling of the Inner Divine
Immortally she conceives herself in him,
In the creature the unveiled Creatrix works:
Her face is seen through his face, her eyes through his eyes;
Her being is his through a vast identity.

Thus through a progressive transformation, brought about by the Action of the Divine Shakti in us, we grow into the oneness and likeness with her. She adopts us as Her vessel and Her channel and Her instrument. No more veiled by the lower prakriti, Her Force can move us freely and work in us and through us without hindrance. The divine seed, the immortal soul, hidden in the depths of nature, arrives at the fullness of its divine possibilities. The individual soul becomes conscious of the Divine dwelling within him. He becomes a part and parcel, a conscious portion of Divine.

The overt Divine
Then is revealed in man the overt Divine.

Thus we grow into the utter identity and unity with the Divine within who then pours Himself out through the human vessel.

A static Oneness and dynamic Power
A static Oneness and dynamic Power
Descend in him, the integral Godhead’s seals;
His soul and body take that splendid stamp.

The Divine is not just static Peace but also dynamic Power. As we grow into His likeness, not only our inner being but also our outer nature, even our body is taken hold of by the Divine Consciousness for a progressive transformation. The body too begins to share the Peace and Power and Light and Ananda of the Integral Divine.

Closing Remarks
In a summary way, we are being shown the core process and the final result of the Supramental Transformation, – the discovery of the psychic being and becoming a conscious instrument of the Divine, a progressive opening and surrender to the Divine Mother and a growing oneness with Her. The result is a growing likeness to the Divine Consciousness, the moulding of our nature into the Divine Supernature, a conscious and constant state of living in the Divine and by the Divine. This is the high goal envisioned for man in Savitri, a goal towards which Seer-King Aswapati is the pioneer and forerunner.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.