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At the Feet of The Mother

Guidance in Life: Faith



Bonjour, Sweet Mother.

(Mother gives me some flowers)

You think you have courage?… What? You do not?

I think, Mother, I have some courage. Yes, I have; but what must I do, Mother?

Doing something is not enough. One has to endure with courage till the end. Then we shall see what you are capable of. (silence)

It is strange… it is not to accomplish any kind of work at a given moment, neither to think about sublime things and concentrate all one’s will in order to arrive at some results or even a temporary success, but it is for the entire life, during each second of one’s existence on earth, that one must be vigilant and conscious of the inner Truth. To aspire constantly towards Him alone with an unfaltering faith, you understand? (silence)

And it is even more strange when one begins to think and to reason, but without doubting what is this Truth which is to be found. You are asked to abandon yourself entirely into His hands, and He will lead you to the final goal. “But what are those hands that I do not see? and to whom should one surrender oneself? and above all, where is the goal? where the Truth that is to be found? I have never seen Him. I have never known Him. Where should I go? What must I do? I do not understand at all what I am told to do.”

That is the difference between this and an adventure where one launches oneself for the conquest of something material, to arrive at a certain goal, as, for example, to climb the summits of the Himalayas, or go round the world or even go to the moon. It is a goal which exists. You follow a path and you arrive there. It is physically there. By difficult and tortuous means, you reach the goal. Perhaps it is a challenge to Nature, but it is a visible and concrete thing for which you have the means at your disposal. You need this, and this, and that, you get them, or you go to the bazaar to buy all the materials which are indispensable requirements for your adventure. And then, with the help of friends who are as enthusiastic as you are, you cover the route. And it is announced that this man has conquered the Himalayas, or the depths of the oceans, and so on. You have a given aim which you have studied scientifically, and you reach it. That’s all. Yes, one needs courage, patience, and ingenuity and a thorough study. Usually, one knows beforehand what has to be done, with only a fraction left to the unforeseen and to chance. But all that also is well calculated beforehand. If one can endure the route then one reaches the goal. It is the will to go on which is your only inner help.

But for this spiritual adventure or the conquest of oneself, it is completely different. To begin with, you have no support, no idea, no direction, no orientation. You have only heard someone talk, someone in whom you have an absolute confidence and who not only possesses the Truth but manifests it entirely. He has the key to open the door of Eternity and guide you to the complete transformation. If you follow Him, you have nothing to fear, for the Grace will protect you and lead you to the ultimate goal. But you must have an ardent faith in what He says, and in the thing to which He invites you. You have to be convinced, down to the very cells of your body, in all the parts, that what He utters is nothing but the Truth, and to tell yourself: “If I follow what He says I am sure to find Him. This is the path, this is my help, it is He who is the goal; even if I do not see Him, if I do not feel Him, He is always there within me and around me to guide me.” It is with this confidence that you should abandon yourself. And it is then that He will do everything for you. It is this faith that has to be developed, it is this faith that you must establish within yourself. If you have this conviction: “He will do everything for me, I have only to ask Him sincerely and with patience…” you will see that He does everything for you. But it is more ardent, more true than a conviction, it is an absolute trust, a faith in the Divine.

And, little by little, one sees whether one can really launch oneself into a divine life, call Him, so that He may help us and guide us in so many ways from behind a veil. So much Grace bathes us in our hours of difficulty, in our moments of despair. In our hopelessness, he stretches His hand and pulls us out of the difficulties and conflicts. Smilingly, He reassures us to make us feel something like a Presence. It is the inner support of the central being which vibrates in our acts and our thoughts. When it is well established, one perceives something like a hand that guides us more and more. Finally, it is He who establishes Himself more completely. It is He who guides. It is He who acts through you. There is no separate self then. Everything works by His Will. The more faith you have, the more you seem to be led by Him. This is what holds you in spite of all difficulties and misfortunes.

Life is without worry for him who has faith in the Divine. A faith which, at first, seems doubtful and invisible, becomes a reality full of hope. Faith in the Divine gives faith in life, the raison d’être of the whole existence.

Faith, faith, faith. The more faith you have, the higher will you be lifted. In absolute surrender is found the faith in the divine trust.

The faith which animates, the faith which pulls you out of the dark and unbridgeable gulf and lifts you to the full light, seems sometimes to retire or to waver, and so plants a doubt in you. It is but a test, a suggestion and an appearance. Sometimes, you think it is the worst that is happening, just the contrary of what you are aspiring for; it seems that everything conspires against you.

But if you can detach yourself and remain calm during these painful hours, maintaining an unwavering faith, and simply say with an open heart: “It is He who is responsible for me; all that happens to me can only bring the best. I must not worry,” — if you can keep this faith, then the help will come to you, just in time, when everything seems lost. And what a Grace lifts you up into regions of Peace, through His infinite benevolence!

You know, the Divine… the Divine will never fail you … will never fail you. Have trust in the divine faith.

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