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At the Feet of The Mother

Guidance in Life: To Correct One’s Defects


Look carefully into yourself and see what is it that revolts, which part of the being does not collaborate. Concentrate properly in order to apply the force there, and we shall see. Firstly, one must be able to distinguish the part that is not in harmony, then to go there, deep, to find the cause. Then you will do this operation of pouring the Peace and the Force so that it changes. Once you decide that nothing in your being ought to contradict the aspiration of your deepest truth, you must try all possible means, even force, in order to get rid of that. So there will be nothing to worry about, for with the will to realise comes the power to overcome everything. All that was blocking disappears immediately. But one must have such a will — or develop it, — that admits nothing, absolutely nothing, no beating about the bush….

I mean: “I want this and nothing but this, it is clear as daylight.” No wavering, you understand. Once you have decided, you aspire sincerely, constantly, so that it becomes the most important thing in your life. So I wonder what is there that one cannot realise. Everything, everything, and like this one takes up one thing and as long as one has not realised it, one pursues it with an unrelenting will, an obstinate resolution so as to become the master. Then one takes up another and another, having always faith in the Divine who alone can overcome, and lead us there.

Whether it is to correct a defect or a weakness in oneself, one pursues it with the same vigour and the resolution to reject it out of oneself once and for all. Or else, to launch towards the spiritual consciousness, one overcomes the obstacles with the same élan. One must take such a resolution which does not allow any of these tricks to repeat themselves a second time. One could knock against a wall or make a mistake once, without knowing it, but to repeat it a second time is shameful, it is unpardonable.

Whether it is a thought to be eliminated or an impulse to be conquered, one must approach them with the same ardour and meticulousness in order to cast them away from oneself once and for all, to eliminate them completely with a rigorous strictness. For they are very clever, very cunning and they find formidable and well-calculated tricks and means, clothed in delightful and pleasant appearances, with very sweet and subtle ways, in order to distract us, to lure us, so as to make us fall into their inextricable traps and make us their slaves….

They have a very pleasing appearance and know very well how to exploit our weakness. They are incredible: they have a perseverance and they are patient as well as alert. That is why one has to be very scrupulous and honest. One must be very careful. And beware of these malicious and destructive suggestions. They are dangerous, truly bad, they come disguised to charm us.

They are remarkable, and find means to lower the consciousness. One must be very careful and be on one’s guard against these suggestions which advise you very sweetly with the gentleness of a sage: “Oh, it is nothing; you can repeat it once again, after all, it is not a fault. Look, it does not lead to any harm. You can begin, just to see. Moreover, one does not want to go so far as to become a victim, like the first time. Just try a bit, only to skim on the surface, then we will draw back before we are engulfed. Oh, come on, have a little courage! After all it is not such a big thing.”

They are remarkable, these mental and vital suggestions which nudge you, nudge you gently to commit stupidities. And once one gives in to these peculiar suggestions which tempt you by saying: “What, Mona? Don’t you have the courage, aren’t you brave, don’t you even want to try this? Look, you are not a baby anymore. What? Don’t you want to prove to yourself a little of what you can do, of what you are capable? No?…” Like this, there will be a thousand advices. If you know how to protect yourself against these misfortunes or rather these mischiefs, you are saved. Otherwise, if you take a small step towards them, a slight movement in order to listen to them and try just a bit, I tell you that it is over. Instead of trying a bit, there will be something that will push you until you become miserable and are covered with filth. Once under their influence you will be drawn into the abyss, whatever you may try. There is no way to get rid of these tiny beings that surround you avidly to take the least opportunity to jump on your back. That’s how it is; all the time there are forces spying on us, watching us, hovering around us, in order to find the least opportunity, an imperceptible occasion — if there is a little gap in our armour, immediately they attack us with a vengeance.

As soon as one begins doing yoga or purifying one-self, there are always these hostile forces which come to disturb our work. They are amazing and find means to lower the consciousness. One must be very careful and be on one’s guard against these malicious suggestions.

As long as there is a single part that does not obey the central being, the work of transformation cannot be done, cannot go on…. All the parts of the being must be purified and they must obey only the central being. To find the Divine Presence which alone can help us, to abandon ourselves in His hands to be guided — this is the only refuge.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.