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At the Feet of The Mother

Helping the Country and the World at Large

There are several things we can do to help the country we live in and the world at large.

The first necessity is to have the faith and will always in the right direction. It is these internal switches that set into motion the cosmic forces that weave the web of destiny. Whether in our individual life or in the collective life of humanity if each unit, that is the individual remains positive and full of faith and will that all will be well with a complete trust in the Divine Wisdom that has built the worlds then it acts as a catalyst towards the direction of the change. It may seem a small thing but those who have studied the energy locked within atom and the power of a single gene and the cascading effect of a solitary thought know very well that strength does not lie in numbers. It is always the conviction of the few who have stood rock-like on their faith and ideals that has eventually moved the seats of destiny in their favour sometimes after they have departed from this world. For men may die but an idea lives much longer and an idea released in this world with the force of a one-pointed will and faith is a tremendous power whose currents reverberate through large spaces of time. As more and more similar thought forms join it can become a formidable power to outbalance the effect of negativity and pessimism. This means that if we add to this individual prayer or aspiration the power of a collectivity through collective prayer and meditation then there are practically no limits to what can be done. That I suppose was one of reasons for collective yagnas in ancient times. In practical terms it means that if one could form a collective grouping around the central idea then it can become a formidable force working towards the intended change.

But for this prayer and aspiration to be fully effective it must be followed up by sincerity in our actions. There are many people who want the good of the country but in their action they revert back to selfishness. They say good things, perhaps even think good things but the aspiration remains there at best as a good intent. They do not have the will to sacrifice their life to do their bit for the sake of the nation or the world. It is this insincerity or shall we say hypocrisy that creates a gulf between thought and deed that has weakened the country? It is because though we want the nation to rise we are not ready to pay the price for it. Rather we want somebody else to pay the price for us and then feel satisfied by praising him or else be content with expressing a holy sentiment. Or else we wait for someone, say the government of the day to bring about a change by enacting a law in the parliament. But no law can save us if we do not rise up to save ourselves. Our thoughts must be followed up by actions and then we shall see how even a single action can become powerful enough to change things. A farmer tills the soil and sows a seed knows that even if he plants one tree it has the potential to become many in due course of time.

In whatever field we may be working if we live and work with this idea that we are not merely doing a job for money but a service, a service to the nation, to mankind, to earth, above all to the Divine and we do it out of love and with no other motive than the joy of service then many things will change. It is selfishness that destroys the fabric of unity within a nation or humanity at large. India has suffered a lot due to selfishness in last few centuries and continues to do so. The spirit of service and of sacrifice is therefore so very important.

Most importantly the world suffers due to a diminution of its spiritual energies. A spiritual evolution of mankind is inevitable and those who can see notice the signs of such an awakening. The future is going to be on the side of those who accept this evolutionary challenge. Whatever their present difficulties, – and they are going to be quite a few, the energies and forces of the future will support. All other things, institutions and old forms of life whether secular or religious, all forms of isms and prisms of the ego are going to collapse sooner or later. Those will save themselves and save others who stand on the right side of the Age that has started emerging with whatever labour pains we may see around its jail-delivery. Their face turned towards the future will see the rising sun. For the others who lament the past, the sun indeed will set since they are looking in the wrong direction.

So take a leap of faith and whatever be the place we occupy or the work given to us, let us do it with the spirit of service and dedication to the Divine, with the trust that all will be well and with a prayer for the good of all mankind. That things will change for the better is inevitable. It is embedded in the logic of creation. But for the change to arrive sooner and swiftly we must know how to wait with trust and patience as well as do our little bit that we are called upon to. It is not big things, not speeches or acts in parliaments nor big people either but the common folks albeit with a heart of gold who will save the world. All the rest will either fade or fall away.

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To be spontaneous means not to think, organise, decide and make an effort to realise with the personal will.