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At the Feet of The Mother

Her Unfinished Divine Work (3/5)

Her coming meant that the Divine Mother has taken up the destiny of the Earth in Her hands. Of course this is not the first time She has undertaken this venture. She is here since the Earth began. She is there woven in the very fabric of creation. She is there behind the veil of an ignorant nature struggling with darkness and death. She is there since man’s soul awoke within his inmost heart and dared to hope and strove to aspire and change. But this time She is not just behind but in the very forefront of the human quest. Besides this incarnation is the complete incarnation of the Mahashakti who has until now always stood behind and in Her partial manifestations. This is the difference and a great difference.

Yes, man is perhaps not yet ready. He is not even aware of the abyss that gapes below his feet nor aware of the savior hands of Grace that are there near him.

As one who watching over men left blind
Takes up the load of an unwitting race,
Harbouring a foe whom with her heart she must feed,
Unknown her act, unknown the doom she faced,
Unhelped she must foresee and dread and dare.

Fortunately the Work does not depend upon man, even though man can collaborate and hasten the process. Man can equally delay the process. He can make evolution enter into endless complications with his ignorant and arrogant mind leading the march like the blind leading the blind. Still there is in him beyond the mind and behind his heart a secret soul, that grows silently and imperceptibly through all the rise and fall of the Ages. And one day this secret soul that man actually is will start pressing towards the surface like a flower presses out from within the bud. That is the moment for which nature waits, the day when a true collaboration will begin between man and God. Her Presence and Action is hastening the process of our soul growth and its emergence. It is also hastening man to look up beyond the Mind and receive intimations from the Beyond. The New Idea is no more a small circle of representative humanity but an ever-widening circumference that is capturing man’s mind and firing his heart with imaginations sailing and stealing into his inner being from a diviner realm. The night is fast receding and if we can open ourselves to the touch of Dawn, we shall feel or actually see the outbreak of a New Day, the emergence of a New Life from the old, like a butterfly scrambles out of a chrysalis with beautiful wings or a bird chirps out of the egg. This is the hope and the faith we must shelter since She is here and with Her help there is nothing that is impossible.

If this is she of whom the world has heard,
Wonder no more at any happy change.
Each easy miracle of felicity
Of her transmuting heart the alchemy is.

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