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At the Feet of The Mother

Higher planes of Knowledge, pp. 263-264

Opening Remarks
There are a number of luminous planes of knowledge that climb beyond our ordinary human mind. The mode of operations and the organisation of life in these planes is different from earthly life.

Knowledge is the leader
Immutable in rhythmic calm and joy
He saw, sovereignly free in limitless light,
The unfallen planes, the thought-created worlds
Where Knowledge is the leader of the act
And Matter is of thinking substance made,
Feeling, a heaven-bird poised on dreaming wings,
Answers Truth’s call as to a parent’s voice,
Form luminous leaps from the all-shaping beam
And Will is a conscious chariot of the Gods,
And Life, a splendour stream of musing Force,
Carries the voices of the mystic Suns.

Each plane has its own characteristic way of working and a predominant stress on one or another aspect of Truth. These planes beyond mind are centered around Knowledge. But this knowledge is one with calm and luminous joy or rather one derives calm and joy in these unfallen worlds through Knowledge. There each feeling is inspired by truth and moves towards truth in the course of its fulfilment. Even matter, in these worlds, obeys the thought. The forms of these worlds are built by the substance of light There will is a means for the fulfilment of Truth in action without any distortion. There life itself is s stream moved by luminous force and carrying within itself the voices of mystic radiances and luminous beings attuned to Truth-Light.

Sound of Wisdom
A happiness it brings of whispered truth;
There runs in its flow honeying the bosom of Space
A laughter from the immortal heart of Bliss,
And the unfathomed Joy of timelessness,
The sound of Wisdom’s murmur in the Unknown
And the breath of an unseen Infinity.

The Truth in these worlds is one with delight. A laughter and joy runs in its atmosphere and a sap of sweetness flows in its bosom filling all things with. The joy of timelessness, the murmur of Wisdom that transcends all that is known or can be known, a breath of unseen infinity flows in these high worlds.

Blue lotus
In gleaming clarities of amethyst air
The chainless and omnipotent Spirit of Mind
Brooded on the blue lotus of the Idea.

There, the Spirit of Mind, the Mental Purusha, freed from the chains of ignorance broods in all its power upon the pure Idea that reigns Above.

Gold supernal sun
A gold supernal sun of timeless Truth
Poured down the mystery of the eternal Ray
Through a silence quivering with the word of Light
On an endless ocean of discovery.

There, in a Silence pregnant with infinity, the Supramental Sun pours down the eternal Ray revealing its mystic truth.

Joining hemisphere
Far-off he saw the joining hemispheres.
On meditation’s mounting edge of trance
Great stairs of thought climbed up to unborn heights
Where Time’s last ridges touch eternity’s skies
And Nature speaks to the spirit’s absolute.

These luminous planes climb through meditation’s peaks towards the line that joins the lower and higher hemispheres of existence where the edge of Time joins eternity, the formless begins to take form and climbing through stairs of Thought Nature meets the Spirit and Its Absolute Force.

Closing Remarks
Thus Sri Aurobindo gives us a brief glimpse of the stairway of Thought and Mind-worlds climbing towards the Home of the Absolute Spirit, the Perfect Truth that is one with Delight.

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