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At the Feet of The Mother

Home-Makers – a Powerful Role for the Future (TH 165)

A talk of Dr. Alok Pandey in Hindi at 38th All Orissa Sri Aurobindo Women’s Study Circle Conference at Matru Sikshya Kendra, Taharpur, Jajpur.

The role of women as a home maker was the most important role in the past. The future world what The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have envisaged is something beyond all old notions. No old standards can define it. That is why all good things and ideals of past also cannot be the height of our role. Beyond social role, woman has a higher role to play, the role of a spiritual source. Whenever the society has gone high and glorious, we can see women in those times have played a wider and freer and deeper role to make it. In the future, woman will be more efficient, strong, wide, with full of love and knowledge and contribute towards building a new society.

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