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At the Feet of The Mother

Hostile Forces

In my ignorance I think that I am sharply isolated by my body from the Universal outside, that mental and vital movements rise independently within me and belong to myself. But it appears to a closer insight that I constitute only a centre or point, a particular medium or receptacle on which all sorts of mental, vital and physical movements coming from the outside are manifesting themselves. But the object of our Yoga is to surmount these lower movements and allow only the Truth that is descending from above to manifest in us.

Thoughts and desires and impulses constantly enter into us from the Universal; they come sometimes as fully formed, sometimes as suggestions, as mere exciting or stimulating influences; they come from the human race as well as from beings and forces other than the human; they fill up our whole being with falsehoods and perversions, and thus retard the manifestation of the Truth. But they can enter into us only because we keep ourselves open to them, nay, often invite them; our ignorance and egoism, our ambition, vanity, attachment, low desires leave the gates constantly open to all sorts of influences which are the determined enemies of truth.

In order to be free from them we must keep ourselves absolutely clean and pure, always alert to detect their approach, always full of the divine attributes of peace, light, harmony, joy, power, love; and for this we have only to keep our heart and soul always open to Thee in personal devotion, О Mother Divine.



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