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At the Feet of The Mother

House of the Spirit (SVH 30) Book 3 Canto 3, part 2

This talk is the second part of a summary of Book Three Canto Three: The House of the Spirit and the New Creation.

The touch of the Divine Mother brings about a last and mighty transformation annihilating all resistances hiding in the subconscient parts. His very body and nerves begin to undergo a change as of the last remnants of the ego are gone. Infinity opens its doors upon him and the original Superconscient Power begins to pour its radiance and splendour upon his being. He discovers the secret Oneness that begins to widen into innumerable multitudes centred around the One Self. These are the worlds of Truth where there is no division or separation. He is led into this new Life based on Unity and diversity. Here all is consciously linked to all in a matrix of spiritual oneness. All here is centred around Truth and Light and Peace and Harmony and Bliss of the Divine Mother. It is a marvellous creation, the original plan or blueprint of creation before it fell into ignorance and error and division and pain. Aswapati now aspires to bring down this greater higher divine world into our ignorance so that the earth may be transformed by it.

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