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At the Feet of The Mother

How do I Find My Psychic Being

Finding the psychic being is a journey rather than a process. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother spoke of Bhakti, faith and surrender full of a glad self-giving as the way to find the soul most easily. The Gita too seems to ultimately regard this as the greatest secret. It is much more a movement of the heart that defies any method. And yet we can speak of methods that certainly hasten the finding of the psychic being and its emergence in our life.

The first thing is to provide psychic nourishment to this part which remains rather under nourished and deprived. The psychic nourishment comes through a regular study of works that speak of the Glory of the Divine. Prominent among them are the Ramayana, the Bhagawat Purana, Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, Savitri and Prayers and Meditations of the Mother. There are surely other books but these are the ones with which I have connected most. In a general way, the stories connected with the life of the Avatars, of the great Masters all help in this way to provide nourishment to this part. There is also the role of Satsang that is well recognised by all who have walked the spiritual path.

The second part of the discipline is to keep a persistent aspiration to find one’s soul. A simple practice is to remember the Mother as often as we can and offer our thoughts and feelings and actions to Her. The sign that we are progressing is that we feel an inner peace and joy, the urge for progress and self-giving to the Mother and gratitude towards Her.

A complimentary practice is to stay away from all that lowers and degrades our consciousness and those movements which obscure the Presence within us.

Apart from this it is helpful to set apart a time and space where one could sit and quietly gather oneself and focus on the centre of the chest (heart centre) on Her Presence. An image that can help is that of a flame rising upwards and upwards and spreading into the wideness of the vast illimitable sky above. Another helpful image is that one is sitting before a door and pushing onto it with all of oneself to open it. There is no fixed time for it but short periods of 20 minutes to half an hour few times in a day work better than a single long meditation.

Most important is the sincerity of the seeking, the persistence of the will towards this great discovery. The one single constant aid is to call Her Name as much as one can inwardly.

For the rest it is Time and Grace that decide the moment of the revelation. One has to wait and trust with persistence in the effort.

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