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At the Feet of The Mother

How to Deal with Negative Thoughts

Surely an ardent sincere prayer is always responded to, but the problem is that we go back to our old ways and hence the help is nullified and things that we do not want return.

At the same time there are few ways that you may try to help countering negative thoughts:

First, you can always try to deliberately give yourself positive thoughts and suggestions. Say for example you can say to yourself that ‘All will be well” and so on and so forth.

Secondly, spend your time reading good and beautiful things that uplift us rather than being drawn towards things that pull us down. For example you can make a choice either to watch the TV channel which is all the time busy showing the most pessimistic possibility or else a Health channel that is showing you how we can strengthen our immune system and remain happy and cheerful amidst all circumstances.

Thirdly, especially when negative thoughts arise then turn your mind away by doing something constructive such as arranging your place neatly or tending some plants.

Fourthly, you can learn to witness the thoughts and feelings without indulging or flowing with them in a non-judgmental attitude. However, this self-watching itself should not become an obsession but a means to separate yourself from the thoughts and know that you are not these thoughts and feelings.

Finally, one can offer these thoughts to the Divine Grace either by writing them in a notebook with a prayer to remove them. Later one can burn the notebook or destroy it by tearing the pages with a forceful will to be free from these things.

At the same time, it is important not to be too obsessed with this negative side of life. Rather spend your energies cultivating inner Peace and Light and Wideness and Joy. As the Light grows, the darkness will slowly thin out and eventually disappear. This is much more effective and a long term solution than fighting with the darkness while being still oneself in darkness.

Alok Pandey,
Pondicherry, March 2020

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