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At the Feet of The Mother

How to Know that the Contact with Psychic Being is Established

Though the contact with the psychic being may take various form, it invariably comes with the certitude of the discovery. Yet in a general sense, we may say the following things mark the discovery of the psychic being within us.

When we discover and identify ourselves with the psychic being we no more mistake ourselves to be the body or the limited surface personality. We know ourselves to be immortal and no more attached to any particular mode or form of living. We know we are a portion of the Divine beyond any doubt. This conviction is not born through a process of reasoning but as a spontaneous identification awakens within us. It is somewhat like we know that we exist without truly needing to reason it. Somewhat similarly we believe we are this or that person depending upon which part of our complexity we identify with. In a similar way we know that we are the psychic being without really calling it thus. We are the conscious of our immortality, conscious of the Divine Presence within us. We recognize the Divine Mother and compel our whole being to progressively surrender our life to Her.

With the awakening of the psychic being, there is also the spontaneous birth of aspiration within us since the seat of this fire of aspiration is in the soul of man. There is also the birth of faith that is no more dependent upon proofs (as the mind is), or on receiving rewards or the show of miracles (as the vital is prone to). The natural movement of the psychic being is to give itself unconditionally to the Guru or to God without demanding or expecting anything in return. It gives for the joy of giving and because it can thus give itself to God so does it receive also completely abundantly.

The psychic being tends to recognize the hand of Grace everywhere. Even if the mind doubts because of the appearances that life presents to us or the vital feels disappointed, the psychic being lives always in the overwhelming presence of the Grace and by doing so actually helps the other parts open and become receptive to the Grace. It always lives in a state of surrender to the Grace.

Another thing that happens with the awakening of the psychic being is the opening of doors to an intuitive knowledge which reveals to us in one glance the truth of things hidden behind appearances. It separates the true from the false in a single glance as the mythical swan that can separate milk from water.

The influence of the psychic being on the mind is to turn our thoughts into a radiance turning naturally towards God as the sea heaves towards the moon drawn and attracted towards it spontaneously. It makes our mind wide and supple and open to the Light and Truth. Its influence upon the heart is to awaken within us some touch of the Divine Love that gives itself and takes a joy in the giving. This love is full of sweetness and is instinct with beauty and harmony. Its influence upon the life is to remove from it all that is crude and ugly and refine each and every movement as fire refines gold removing all that is dull and drab and the dross covering it. It brings out the secret truth of everything, however small it may be. It can detect the little grain of gold buried within thick coats and husk of nature. It gives to the body health and ease and fills the spaces of nature with a sweetness and a warmth, a radiance and a glow, a peace and joy that do not depend upon any outer conditions.

The psychic being orients our nature to the true, the beautiful, the good. It feels a sorrow when our nature turns in contrary directions not listening to the voice of the soul, but instead of insisting it steps back and waits for the fields of nature to be ready through experience absorbing them and turning all things, however bitter and painful they may be, into honey.

Most of all with the awakening and identification with the psychic being our values are reversed. What gave us pleasure and happiness is often seen as a state of depravity and misery, a bondage to error and ignorance, whereas what seems to be a suffering begins to reveal its hidden face of good and Grace. In each and every circumstance it shows us the hand of God.

It is natural for the psychic being to first choose as friends those who are fellow seekers or God-lovers, and stay away from those who doubt and are hostile to God. But as it matures into a universal vision of God then it can see Him in all beings and creatures, though it keeps its discrimination always and knows the true from the false, the covering and the coat from the person within.

To start with this can serve as a good enough guide to see whether we are in contact with the psychic being or not. However, this is only a beginning. There is no end to the discoveries we can make as we come in contact more and more with the Divine through the psychic door. It opens the doors to the Divine Infinity and Eternity.

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