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At the Feet of The Mother

How to Learn More about the Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

There are two aspects of yoga. One is the theoretical aspects of it. Here we read and reflect and understand the goal of yoga, the various fundamental principles that work behind the processes it uses, the foundations on which it stands. During this phase, one can read about different paths or else different approaches to the same path. This is especially so with regard to Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga that moves along many different lines of nature together until all are taken up one day and turned into a single flame of aspiration. This is an exploratory phase when one is learning about the path which interests one or else because the goal or the Master draws one to undertake the journey.

One of the best books is ‘The Synthesis of Yoga’, and simpler and direct still are the various volumes of the ‘Letters on Yoga’ and of course ‘The Mother with Letters on the Mother’. For those who are little more intellectually inclined these books, especially ‘The Synthesis’, are a sheer delight. But the reading may be a bit difficult for many. Besides one will have to read closely and pick up the practical elements which are embedded in the freely flowing Ganges that his writings are.

Then comes the practice of yoga, its practical side. In a certain sense when one is doing this, the journey has already begun. The mind is getting enamoured with the teachings while the heart is being drawn towards the Master of the Yoga. Then, slowly or suddenly one begins to have an inner clarity, a strong feeling or an inner conviction, a faith and a call as if what was stirring inside through the initial process is ready to hatch. It is then that one can say that one is initiated into the yoga and begins to walk the path, either with slow and shaky feet or else with firm and swift strides, depending upon one’s unique past and unique constitution.
The practice includes things that one may receive as hints by those who have walked the path. It is here that we find another kind of literature that is quite useful written or spoken by those who have undertaken the journey. Though each one follows one’s unique road yet certain useful hints can be received especially given the vast volume of available literature.

Finally, if one has decided to take up this path, then it is best to read the Mother’s writings, which contain both aspects, the fundamental foundations and principles of the Integral yoga as well as the detailed aspects of the practice. Most importantly Her works are so easy to read and appeal to all age groups and different types of humanity.

These are some of the ways to learn about the Integral Yoga. Rest comes as one walks the way.

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