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At the Feet of The Mother

How to Make Will Strong

The will can be developed like any other part by exercising it. Several exercises can be undertaken for developing the will. For example a very simple exercise is just being regular and punctual. This simple practice develops the will and trains our nature to act in an organized manner. Another simple practice is to take a decision that one would read a passage from Sri Aurobindo everyday at a fixed time and then stick to the decision regardless of whatever difficulty one meets on the way. Or when one has to wait for food or water because it is not ready or available, then instead of getting impatient and angry one practices inner calm until one has freed oneself from the acute pang of hunger and thirst. Also, when one has decided to do something but one is feeling lazy doing it, such as taking a walk or reading something or sitting for meditation, one refuses to listen to the laziness and instead goes ahead and does what one must despite the tiredness.

Similarly if one feels an impulse rising within oneself which one is not meant to express then one holds on and holds out rather than giving in to the impulse. Or if one meets with various challenges or difficulties then instead of giving up, one keeps persevering with patience never giving up until one achieves the intended goal. By doing all this one slowly develops one’s will.

Yet there are limits to which human will can strive and strain itself. Therefore what is advised is to supplement one’s individual human will by offering it to Her Will. This way one goes beyond the limits of one’s own will by joining to the limitless. These are some of the ways that one can augment the will and with practice and Grace strengthen it beyond one could imagine.

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