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At the Feet of The Mother

The Human Heart and the Body’s Fate, p. 473 (SH 242)

Savitri Class in Hindi with Alok Pandey
Savitri Book Seven: The Book of Yoga,
Canto One: The Joy of Union; the Ordeal of the Foreknowledge of Death and the Heart’s Grief and Pain

Savitri’s heart has now experienced all that human beings experience through their journey of life, haunted by death and disappointment. But unlike our average humanity, She is here to find the solution to this difficulty that besieges mankind. Slowly her grief turns to a quiet strength within even as she awaits the hour of the fatal stroke, wondering what could be done, if anything at all, for her strange predicament where love must end too soon cut abruptly by Death.

Although life-born, an infant of the hours,
Immortal it walked unslayable as the gods:
Her spirit stretched measureless in strength divine,
An anvil for the blows of Fate and Time:
Or tired of sorrow’s passionate luxury,
Grief’s self became calm, dull-eyed, resolute,
Awaiting some issue of its fiery struggle,
Some deed in which it might for ever cease,
Victorious over itself and death and tears.

The year now paused upon the brink of change.
No more the storms sailed with stupendous wings
And thunder strode in wrath across the world,
But still was heard a muttering in the sky
And rain dripped wearily through the mournful air
And grey slow-drifting clouds shut in the earth.
So her grief’s heavy sky shut in her heart.
A still self hid behind but gave no light:
No voice came down from the forgotten heights;
Only in the privacy of its brooding pain
Her human heart spoke to the body’s fate.

[Savitri: 473]

(line breaks are added to emphasize separate movements)

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