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At the Feet of The Mother

Human Life and Yoga (TH 075)

Our lives seen through the distorting lens of our present state of ego and ignorance is different than when we see it from the soul perspective, from a greater and deeper and higher spiritual vision. When we understand that there is a great truth, beauty, Ananda and wisdom waiting for us and we are separated from it by ignorance of nature, then we discover a divine dissatisfaction in us. We slowly understand that the whole creation is created, sustained and returning to Him, the Divine. In India, we have two main paths of yoga, one is Vedanta where the sadhak rejects the prakriti aspect and try to find out God focusing on Purusha aspect, whereas in Tantra, the sadhak tries to pursue God in all the manifested object and activity which is more challenging but more fulfilling. Sri Aurobindo brings us the yoga which accepts the physical life and world and works for the manifestation of the Divine in all the levels of consciousness. This transformation can be achieved only by allowing the supramental power to work in the adhara and make the Divine the center of our existence.

[TH 075]

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