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At the Feet of The Mother

Human Love and Attractions

Human attractions happen because of the thirst for love in every creature. But since our consciousness is turned outwards we always seek outside what we already carry deep within us. This is needed so that we can get the experiences necessary before we are ready to meet the Creator within us, the Source and Goal of all our seekings.

The attractions also are not random though it may seem so. We are generally drawn to people (and vice versa) who represent some aspect or the other of ourselves. People are like a mirror through which we often discover ourselves. Of course Nature uses it for her inferior play of multiplying creatures so that she can revel in variety and recreate infinity through these countless forms. For this purpose she has devised instruments and means that respond habitually to appearances of people but are blind to what the vessel contains. The result is much confusion. Nature revels in this too which to her vastness is like the revel and romp of children.

But one day we grow up and begin to somewhat sense that things are not what they outwardly seem. Then we turn inwards or outwards in the persona of the Divine as a human Master or Representative or the Avatar depending upon our soul’s need. It is then that one begins to see the inferior play, valid in its time but now representing a difficulty in vital nature. Though the need for human love ceases right away when one has tasted the Divine Love, the attractions may continue because they are not love in their origin but simply means of drawing and binding people together. If this attraction takes an extreme and sexual form then indeed it is due to some serious weakness in the vital parts which can and should be transformed.

However though the need for human love ceases it doesn’t mean that human love itself ceases. On the contrary one begins to truly love, or rather love in the true way purified of all needs, wants and desires, purified of lusts and the spirit of possessiveness and jealousies that diminish and distort love, purified of all egoism and self-will in love. Such a human love is beautiful and uplifting and not based on surface attractions and repulsions, it is unconditional and one step closer to the Divine Origin.

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To be spontaneous means not to think, organise, decide and make an effort to realise with the personal will.