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At the Feet of The Mother

The Human Thirst for Love

There is a thirst for love in every human being, conscious or unconscious. This thirst is due to the sense of separation from the Divine Source which we feel within. It takes the form of feeling lonely, the need of a companion and, at its extreme, the need of a personal Divine always by one’s side.

The truth is that this need or craving for love can be fully appeased only by Divine Love. Obviously, one who has experienced such love within does not need love from anyone from outside.

The way to fulfil this need is by giving love. It is by giving love rather than wanting it that love increases within us. The solution, therefore, is to love, to love plants, love animals, love man, love God.

The ideal of course is to love the Divine and what we receive from Him, to radiate it to the whole world.

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