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At the Feet of The Mother

Ilion 4: Paris and Helen (TH 042)

Trojan war was fought upon earth, but it was decided by the gods to bring about momentous changes in Greece. The war and its outcome were decided on the subtle planes before being realized upon earth. Meanwhile, Paris was speaking to the general assembly of Troy and conveyed his decisions that he is not going to give back Helen as destiny has given her to him. If gods have designed the war, men must do their lot. Surpassing their manhood and growing even greater than the gods, they must fight with destiny like true Trojans. Then the great king of Troy, Priam spoke to the assembly and asked the assembly of their decisions. Through his speech we see the greatness of a king and a man. All the Trojans now knew that the war is going to be decisive as Achilles is coming to war. Then through a young boy, Uris, Sri Aurobindo brings out the feelings of a youthful spirit going to the war so beautifully. Now Helen, who is the cause of all these fateful events, understands her role and plays it well. The discussions between her and Paris, and with king Priam shows this to us. Even the war plan, the feelings of some old warriors, and their marching towards the historic war and many more events are so amazingly described by Sri Aurobindo that it makes it very living.

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