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At the Feet of The Mother

Ilion 6: The Irony of Destiny (TH 044)

Here Sri Aurobindo reveals the feelings of most of the key characters of Ilion in his unique way. Most of the Greek warriors were full of passion, lust of blood and plundering. It was like an offering in the fire of passion in front of death god. Cyrus meets his father Achilles and Achilles advises his son of all good values of a great person. He advises him to tell what is right to the friend and foe: ‘to be noble in peace and invincible in war, to be kind to the subordinates’, and so on. Achilles also spoke to his wife and opens his heart to her. There are many different scenes Sri Aurobindo has interwoven beautifully in the narrative. Towards the end Zeus was watching the glorious and most exquisite city of Troy which is going to be destroyed soon and also seeing the human ignorance and design of his destiny by higher gods. The mothers, the lovers, the workmen, the peasants, the judges and the great warriors go about their normal lives without the least idea of the destruction that the future is going to bring about.

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