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At the Feet of The Mother

Ilion 8: The War (TH 046)

Zeus, the principal god has decided the end of Troy. It is standing on the way of evolution, hence it must be brought down for a greater evolutionary impulsion to emerge out of its ruins. One part of the evolution cannot be too high and other parts too low. He asked Athena, the goddess of Intuition to rule the world in place of Apollo, the god of spiritual vision. Athena knows that, when mind will be prepared by her in man, man will be ready for spiritual growth and Apollo will come back to his original place and Athena, has to work as his helper or subordinate. Later Sri Aurobindo has brought alive the war in his unique style. How Pentheselea is moving ahead Killing and crushing many warriors. Pentheselea stood invincible in front of the Greeks till Achilles comes into the scene. And when the almost vanquished worriers saw Achilles coming, they give a war cry with a new hope. Here the book ends, alas incomplete. The poem is unfinished, (some pages are lost), even then, Ilion is a wonderful gift to mankind by Sri Aurobindo. However, the speaker has connected the lost chords and told us the story till the end.

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