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At the Feet of The Mother

Invasion from the Subconscient, p. 481

Opening Remarks
At times human life is invaded from the dark nether worlds thereby creating disorder and chaos.

Afflicting the daylight
Afflicting the daylight and alarming night,
Invading at will his outer tenement,
The stark gloom’s grisly dire inhabitants
Mounting into God’s light all light perturb.

Sometimes the dark and dangerous forces arise from the subconscient parts and enter our brighter parts. They invade our will making it an instrument of darkness. They bring gloom and disturb whatever light of reason one may have and cloud man’s intelligence and his soul.

Riot and revel
All they have touched or seen they make their own,
In Nature’s basement lodge, mind’s passages fill,
Disrupt thought’s links and musing sequences,
Break through the soul’s stillness with a noise and cry
Or they call the inhabitants of the abyss,
Invite the instincts to forbidden joys,
A laughter wake of dread demoniac mirth
And with nether riot and revel shake life’s floor.

All that these dark nether forces casts their gaze upon touches is claimed by them. Lodging in hidden corners and unconscious parts of our mind and the underbelly of nature they disrupt thought’s links and mind’s ability to reflect. Breaking into the stillness of the soul with noise and cry, calling the inhabitants of the abyss. Human nature under their influence awakens to forbidden instincts and a life of pleasure filling it with a demoniac laughter and with an excess of riot and revel shaking the balance of life.

Terrible prisoners
Impotent to quell his terrible prisoners,
Appalled the householder helpless sits above,
Taken from him his house is his no more.

The terrible prisoners now freed from the subconscient appal the soul within. Impotent before its prisoners his bodily house is no more his own.

Mad and mighty din
He is bound and forced, a victim of the play,
Or, allured, joys in the mad and mighty din.

The human being is then bound and forced by these dark and dangerous forces, or else allured by them he is overtaken by a perverse joy and the mad and mighty din.

Rebel’s holiday
His nature’s dangerous forces have arisen
And hold at will a rebel’s holiday.

His nature’s dangerous forces rise and hold him an easy captive to aggressive and rebel forces.

Aroused from the darkness
Aroused from the darkness where they crouched in the depths,
Prisoned from the sight, they can be held no more;
His nature’s impulses are now his lords.

Aroused from the darkness where they were hidden, these dangerous forces concealed to our sight, they can be held no more. His nature’s impulses become his lord and masters.

Infernal elements
Once quelled or wearing specious names and vests
Infernal elements, demon powers are there.

These infernal and demoniac powers of the Night, they continue wearing false names and assuming acceptable names.

Awful guests
Man’s lower nature hides these awful guests.

Man’s lower nature hides these awful and dangerous guests.

Their vast contagion grips sometimes man’s world.

Their vast contagion grips man’s life and world sometimes.

Awful insurgence
An awful insurgence overpowers man’s soul.

An unpleasant awful insurgency and invasion overpowers man’s soul during such moments.

Closing Remarks
This is the danger to man’s life wherein his own mind becomes his enemy overtaken by the subconscient forces.

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