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At the Feet of The Mother

Is All the World Driven by Money?

It is perhaps too much of a generalisation to believe that everything in this world is driven by money. The mother’s love for her child, a martyr laying down his body at the altar of a nation, a young mystic searching for the Spirit, a scientist who gives all his efforts in search of some truth, the heart of a young boy and girl dreaming of ideal love, the soul of poet or musician – many aspects and elements of human nature are certainly not driven by a desire to get rich. And those whose hearts and minds and self are moved by higher things certainly have a right to speak about the soul and spirit and the ideal that they love and worship.

True this may not be the majority, perhaps even a handful of people but it is always this small handful that has created massive shifts and revolutionary changes upon earth. The lovers of the gold-pot can be left to their earnings and hoardings but the lovers of high and noble things, the lovers of idealism, the lovers of poetry and literature and art for the joy of it, the lovers of true love mock at the libel and are the ones who are remembered when time enters an age to sweep it clear of all that is dead and gone.

It is a question of choice that one has to make. Of course, it is easier to choose the common, the average and the ordinary. It is far easier to do what everyone seems to be doing even if it is disastrous to our own progeny, – imagine teaching this to our children that life is moved only by money and the dreams of soul and spirit is a madness. It is this thought that has led mankind to the brink and if it still persists despite its time being over it is because we prefer security over progress, fixity over change, selfishness over the good of all mankind. We are in love with our ignorance fathering our pain rather than having the courage and sincerity to break out of the moulds of a dying past and have the joy of participating in the birth of a New World and the Future that is growing despite the tight grip of a materialistic thought.

The adventurer climbing new peaks continues to climb and explore unchartered horizons because he has seen it while still standing on the ground, and because he climbs he changes the world by bringing into play what others never ever dreamed to dare. Well, to each his or her own heaven – a paradise of material goods an illusory comfortable cocoon of wealth that is shattered so easily with the first heart break, or an endless climb towards Truth and Freedom and unmixed bliss and Immortality. It is for each one to choose, but meanwhile let each sing his own gospel and leave it to those who shall come after us to decide. But if the first signs are any indication then it is obvious that the world is rejecting the tide of pure materialistic thought and the spiritual aspiration is lighting up the hearts and souls of many young men and women. These are the hopes of the future.

The rest are born, live, accumulate and die, and all their wealth is unable to give them even an iota of true peace and lasting happiness.  The world is realising it and hence we see a greater turn towards spiritual things. Others who are still stuck in past tendencies can continue to do so but the world march is clearly not going to favour it anymore. They are simply standing on the wrong side of history.

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To be spontaneous means not to think, organise, decide and make an effort to realise with the personal will.