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At the Feet of The Mother

Is God Playing Too Hard?

Talking of how the world should have better been designed – yes of course He should have consulted us before the whole business of creation began. But we were unfortunately not there or perhaps we were in some seed state when we agreed to get into this whole affair. And we can’t blame Him for not giving us humans the freedom to organize this world better than He would.

But the report card of humans seems to be filled with a history of loot and greed and weakness and guilt and cheap pleasures, preferring the thrills of the flesh over the bliss of Brahman. We rejected and continue to reject His all-time open offer to arrive at a better and beautiful and diviner life and readily grab the arm of the Asura that fills us with doubt and anger and vengeance and fear and revolt and despair. The only place we seem to have left for Him in our self-governed desire-driven rich egoistic life is to grant us miraculous favours or expect Him to punish the corrupt and play the hangman.  Unfortunately, that is not His job description leading to a mismatch between our expectations of Him and His real-time work.


Not that He cannot or does not do miracles.  In fact, they happen all the time. Only when we know the process we don’t call it a miracle.  But if we look at the amazing chain of cause and effect we will start seeing many more miracles than we presently acknowledge.  We shall then see His Divine Purpose in failure, the Wisdom that punishes virtue with defeat and thrones the wicked and the corrupt. To understand that Wisdom we have to step back and look at events through large spaces of Time and then we shall see how evil was a good in the making or a good in the passing. We shall also see how darkness ploughed the hard rocky soil of human nature so that grains of goodness can be sown and the harvest of lasting joy reaped through it.  We shall then also see how our goodness is as much a facade and our virtue a cloak to hide the evil in our hearts.

Let us bare our hearts truly to God and pray for His Light and Truth and Love to grow,  let us seek Harmony and Beauty refining our thoughts and feelings and we shall see Him changing His methods. As is his raw material so is the process. And yes everything in the world is a process and a process implies conditions. And what really are the conditions that we find so tough to follow,  – to seek Truth instead of falsehood, to choose Beauty and harmony and light instead of chaos and ugliness and disorder,  to choose Love over hate and lust, Freedom over attachments and possession,  surrender to the Grace rather than be driven by ignorant self will.


Are they not logical consequences of what we want this world to be, – God or no God? How can we choose darkness and ugliness and expect the world to be otherwise? Besides we need to remember that Grace and Love are always unconditional and for everyone. The conditions are only to make us receive it rightly. We cannot receive the holiest of waters if the pot is turned downwards and the mouth is closed.  We may say let Him force enter our life. Well, He does but then we cry because He is an unwanted Guest or else the clay pot cracks and breaks under the tremendous pressure of His Force. So you see…

We are not saying whether man has no right to complain.  We are only saying that it doesn’t help us one bit. Instead, we should sincerely try to understand and for a change try out the remedies He has been prescribing since ages. Of course, each one is free to have their views about self and world and God and learn by following it to its logical and practical extreme.  I am only putting His side of the story to consider. In any case whatever it be we should never become a cynic who, as someone has rightly said knows the price of everything but not its value.

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