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At the Feet of The Mother

Joining the Ashram

Maa is everywhere and the world is everywhere. This is a fundamental truth that we must always remember. It is true that the Ashram does facilitate the yoga in certain ways, especially because of the Samadhi and Her touch and the intense supramental vibration in the atmosphere. Yet each one receives and progresses according to one’s receptivity and openness. There are everywhere only a few people who respond to the core demands of the central aim that gave birth to an idea or an institution. This is especially so if the aim is high and something that has never been even conceived before. This difficulty is here as well. However since the activities of the Ashram and its basic lifestyle has been organised keeping this central goal in mind and also since the Mother has built it as a special formation for the practice of the yoga it does facilitate the sadhana of the Integral Yoga. That is something that cannot be denied. Of course different people come for different purposes but that is their concern and the Divine’s. Yet by the very fact that they have landed here and have at least aspired however momentarily and imperfectly to strive for something higher and more beautiful, they deserve our salutations. Even if they fall and fail at least they tried something high and beautiful rather than the normal life of human beings that is centred largely around their physical-vital-emotional needs with some sprinkling of intellectual spice and rare moments of a spiritual upsurge.

Having said that it is important to remember that not all are called upon or meant to practice the yoga in the Ashram setting. Different people follow different paths and according to their inner needs and experiences they still must have the Divine and the world-forces arrange the events and circumstances until man is ready to leave behind everything and follow the path and the goal opened before him. Each one must feel his way through life and move towards the Goal as the path opens up step by step depending upon the choices we make and the approach and the attitude we take.

When the great journey of life just begins, in most cases it is better to have some experience of life before thinking of joining the Ashram permanently. It is better to face and grapple with the forces that challenge us and our right to grow divine rather than come here prematurely and remain drawn to the world and its ways that meander far and long before man takes the decisive turn. So while studying and earning a livelihood, a devotee has to learn staying inwardly connected to Her and come to the Ashram from time to time, leaving the rest for Time and Grace to unveil. We cannot plan the entire journey, it is the first step that is given to us and the goal towards which we must move. So the best is to take that first step and equip ourselves for Her Work while remembering Her and offering all to Her inwardly.

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