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At the Feet of The Mother

Kannan – A Poem by Subramania Bharati on Krishna (TH 071)

This talk brings us the poem on Krishna, ‘Kannan’ by the renowned Tamil poet, patriot and Sri Aurobindo’s devotee Shri Subramania Bharati. In this poem, Krishna is playing in his own way to break the sattwic ego of the hero, and liberate him from the limited notions of spirituality, bringing in a wider and a more integral perspective.

The Divine is beyond our comprehension and always surpass our knowledge. It is he who again helps us towards the immensity of His grandeurs. Krishna comes as a disciple, but the hero of the poem doesn’t know that it is He who is going to be his student. Krishna did all the divine pranks and broke the false pride and liberated the hero of the poem.

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