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At the Feet of The Mother

Keeping Away Negative Energies from Children

The world is full of negative energies. One drinks poison of falsehood and unconsciousness with every breath released from human nature. Yet children have to learn to deal with it however challenging this may seem.

Some recommended ways are as below:

  • Let the children grow up in an atmosphere of truth, harmony, love and peace. When we are cheerful and inwardly at peace then there is a spontaneous protection against all kinds of negative energies. This can be further reinforced, made almost invulnerable if we can develop in them faith and a spontaneous trust in the Divine, the habit of connecting with the Divine through prayer or reading or quietly sitting in a space dedicated to the Divine. These things were once part of Indian household but those values have been lost now following the onslaught of materialistic thought. They need to be revived but in new ways more consistent with the spirit of time taking into account the unique aspects of each child. A simple habit of remembering God before any activity can be gradually instilled in the child through example and influence as well as words.
  • Teaching true discernment to children so that they can become conscious about forces and activities that make us restless and afraid as different from things and people and forces that bring peace and harmony within us.
  • Games are a very good way to wash out a lot of negative energies. So also the simple act of washing feet and hands or bath, deep breathing all help cleanse the system.
  • Certain practices such as guided imagery using the power of imagination and formation to think and imagine beautiful things is also very helpful.
  • Your own prayers for the child itself can be very helpful as it creates a shield against the invasion of forces that are adverse.
  • Keeping it material support such as a blessing packet or a picture of the someone who represents to us the Divine and turning towards Him and calling Him in moments of crisis and danger is a most helpful thing which can never be overemphasised.
  • Refining the nature by cultivating the sense of beauty, through art, music and poetry are other means to close our doors to forces of a crude nature.

These are some of the ways that will be helpful in keeping away negative energies.


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