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At the Feet of The Mother

Kingdom of the Morning Star, p. 175

Opening Remarks
Climbing further from this dream land Aswapati enters a realm where day and night meet. The sun has not yet arisen but there is some kind of hope and guidance from the high heavens beyond.

A greater seeking
Then dawned a greater seeking, broadened sky,
A journey under wings of brooding Force.

A greater seeking arrives at last pulling one out of this dreamland as if a compelling Force had driven the soul out from the safe limits of its dreamland into the wide open sky that beckons from afar.

A twilight beauty
First came the kingdom of the morning star:
A twilight beauty trembled under its spear
And the throb of promise of a wider Life.

Then dawned a new promise and hope of a greater world and a higher possibility. It brought with it the throb of beauty and joy.

Doubting sun
Then slowly rose a great and doubting sun
And in its light she made of self a world.

The light of doubt was shown that made one see the unreality and the trap of fantasy in which one was caught. Thus the climb began again with the twin support of hope and doubt.

Fragmentary seeking
A spirit was there that sought for its own deep self,
Yet was content with fragments pushed in front
And parts of living that belied the whole
But, pieced together, might one day be true.

There was a seeking rather than dreaming but a seeking that Was not yet high and intense enough for the ultimate Truth. One sought for glimpses and was content with fragments of Reality hoping that one day all these fragments could be bundled together and built into a whole.

Something seemed to be achieved
Yet something seemed to be achieved at last.

There was at least some achievement here, however fragmentary.

A growing volume of the will-to-be,
A text of living and a graph of force,
A script of acts, a song of conscious forms
Burdened with meanings fugitive from thought’s grasp
And crowded with undertones of life’s rhythmic cry,
Could write itself on the hearts of living things.

Not content with dreams this world pushed itself towards realisation and achievement of what was dreamed. There was in it force and impulsion to act, some forms to embody the sentiment and the seeking, some meaning in its cry of life.

Closing Remarks
Thus we see how Sri Aurobindo takes us step by the step holding our hands towards the supreme Mystery. Out of the fantasy land we move into a realm that seeks to realise what it dreams of.

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