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At the Feet of The Mother

Kingdoms of the Deathless Rose, pp. 277-278

Opening remarks
These are worlds where Love blooms with beauty and delight as its accompaniments. One can enter this high realm through the psychic door in the heart.

Sunrise breaking on the soul
On one side glimmered hue on floating hue,
A glory of sunrise breaking on the soul,
In a tremulous rapture of the heart’s insight
And the spontaneous bliss that beauty gives,
The lovely kingdoms of the deathless Rose.

These kingdoms bear witness to the glory of the Lord whose Light breaks upon the soul and fills the heart with rapture and beauty and bliss. It lends to the heart a mystic intuition of truth, a direct truth-sight and a truth-knowing.

Superconscious realms of heavenly peace
Above the spirit cased in mortal sense
Are superconscious realms of heavenly peace,
Below, the Inconscient’s sullen dim abyss,
Between, behind our life, the deathless Rose.

This kingdom intercedes between the dim Inconscient abyss and the superconscient Peace. It is through its touch that life bears witness to the Divine Presence in creation and links the body to the Divine Presence within.

Blooms forever at the feet of God
Across the covert air the spirit breathes,
A body of the cosmic beauty and joy
Unseen, unguessed by the blind suffering world,
Climbing from Nature’s deep surrendered heart
It blooms for ever at the feet of God,
Fed by life’s sacrificial mysteries.

The deathless Rose is the soul, the divine element in nature that is hidden behind the surfaces of life. It is ever engaged in a mystic sacrifice of nature to the Divine. It is ever in a state of deep surrender which is its source of joy and peace and beatitude and bliss.

Closing Remarks
These lines reveal to us a secret truth hidden in our life, a door of felicity open for us if we seek it. It can remake our life into a hymn of beauty and gladness.

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