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At the Feet of The Mother

Knowledge and Mind


The knowledge seems to be obstructed by the mental activity. Whenever a little of it descends the mechanical mind catches it and goes on chewing it endlessly. That is why sometimes I have to stop the flow of even the higher thought to guard my silence.

That is always the difficulty with the mind. It must learn to be silent and let the knowledge come without trying to catch hold of it for its own play.

During the descent of the higher knowledge what happens to our human mind? I suppose it must be present, if not active at least passive; otherwise how could the knowledge take form and shape?

It uses the substance of mind (for, of course the mind is there) but the mind remains passive and does not try to form or imagine thoughts for itself.

Is it really necessary for us sadhaks to inquire what plane we have reached, how far we are from the goal, what our next step should be?

All that has its use but it should come as experience and knowledge from within and above, not as mental questioning and answer.

I get many perceptions. I don’t know which are the right ones and which the wrong ones, since I am not directly and consciously open to the intuitive plane. You may perhaps ask me to use my discrimination, but at this stage my intellect has entirely fallen away!

There is a discrimination that is not intellectual — a direct perception.

Nowadays I feel that my consciousness has an effortless and clear understanding of what is the Mother’s and what is not hers.

That is the right thing — a certain effortless intuitive discrimination.


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