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At the Feet of The Mother

All Life is Yoga (TH 002)

The speaker starts by revealing to us the nature of initiation into the Integral Yoga and its significance. It’s a new birth into the new consciousness where one needs to learn the ways and rules of the spiritual life. These rules evolve and change as our consciousness evolves under the pressure of yoga. He gives us a glimpse of the yogic life through a number of examples drawn from history as well as from the life in the Ashram. The essence of it is to live in a state of offering to the Divine and receptivity to the Divine. Above all it is about centering our life around the Divine. He touches upon the integral nature of this yoga which takes the whole of life as the field for application of yoga, including our outer material existence and the objects we handle. Finally he closes with the emphasis on need to become one-pointed for the fullness of yogic life.

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