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At the Feet of The Mother

Light Into the Abyss, p. 450

Opening Remarks
The real struggle is with the Inconscient darkness, the seat and origin of the adversary. It is this that the divine beings must face and bring the Light.

Light into the darkness
He must call light into its dark abysms,
Else never can Truth conquer Matter’s sleep
And all earth look into the eyes of God.

The redeemer does not come to escape the darkness but to face it and fill it with Light. How else can the material world and its unconscious obscurity be conquered and earth be redeemed and grow divine?

Enter the world’s dark
All things obscure his knowledge must relume,
All things perverse his power must unknot:
He must pass to the other shore of falsehood’s sea,
He must enter the world’s dark to bring there light.

His knowledge must uncover and know all that hides in the cloak of darkness. His power must untie the knot of all that is perverse and entering the darkness and falsehood in their deeps bring there his light.

Heart of evil
The heart of evil must be bared to his eyes,
He must learn its cosmic dark necessity,
Its right and its dire roots in Nature’s soil.

The heart of evil must be bared open to his eyes. He must learn its cosmic dark necessity and its right and the roots that evil has plunged in the soil of earth Nature.

God’s darkness
He must know the thought that moves the demon act
And justifies the Titan’s erring pride
And the falsehood lurking in earth’s crooked dreams:
He must enter the eternity of Night
And know God’s darkness as he knows his Sun.

The redeemer must know the justification of the demon’s thought and the titan’s pride. He must know the falsehood that twists earth’s dreams. He must enter the dark eternity and know God’s darkness even as he knows His eternal shadowless Light.

Go down into the pit
For this he must go down into the pit,
For this he must invade the dolorous Vasts.

To accomplish this deed of bringing Light into the Abyss, the Redeemer must go down into the abyss and invade with his Light the vast and painful Abyss.

He still must travel Hell
Imperishable and wise and infinite,
He still must travel Hell the world to save.

Though imperishable and wise and infinite, he still must enter Hell to save the world.

Closing Remarks
We see here the real challenge that the Avatar faces when he comes to earth to redeem mankind.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.