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At the Feet of The Mother

Light of the Trinity Supreme, pp. 89-90

Opening remarks
Aswapati now sees rather than enters, the worlds that lie concealed in the higher Hemisphere of existence. He stands now at the borders of the two hemispheres and from this vantage point gets a glimpse of the further Beyond.

A last high world
A last high world was seen where all worlds meet;
In its summit gleam where Night is not nor Sleep,
The light began of the Trinity supreme.

The last high world where all the worlds meet is the Supramental which is now being glimpsed. It is here that the realm of Truth, of perfect perfection, perfect Consciousness and Bliss starts. The Trinity Supreme is the Sacchidananda Consciousness whose shadowless Light begins to dawn here. It is the Superconscient Light that does not allow any unconsciousness or shadows that are born of dualities.

The end of all seeking
All there discovered what it seeks for here.

It is in the Supermind that each force finds its truth and the true fulfillment.

It freed the finite into boundlessness
And rose into its own eternities.

Each finite, each force that struggles here as a limited being and energy discovered itself there as an aspect of the Eternal in harmony with all others elements.

The body of Truth
The Inconscient found its heart of consciousness,
The idea and feeling groping in Ignorance
At last clutched passionately the body of Truth,
The music born in Matter’s silences
Plucked nude out of the Ineffable’s fathomlessness
The meaning it had held but could not voice;
The perfect rhythm now only sometimes dreamed
An answer brought to the torn earth’s hungry need
Rending the night that had concealed the Unknown,
Giving to her her lost forgotten soul.

It is here, in the Supermind, that we discover the transforming power that not only slays Ignorance but releases each thing, each element into its own truth. Each finds its just place and in total harmony with the All in the One who alone is. Here one discovers the perfection freed from all possibility of error, the fulfillment that the earth needs. Here one discovers the true sense and meaning of creation and of each element in it. Here one discovers the perfect rhythm and place of each thing in relation to the Whole. Here one discovers the secret soul of Earth and its divine purpose.

A grand solution
A grand solution closed the long impasse
In which the heights of mortal effort end.

Here in the Supramental realm, comes the grand close of our long and struggling journey in the Ignorance with all its endless cycle of suffering and pleasure and pain.

A reconciling Wisdom
A reconciling Wisdom looked on life;
It took the striving undertones of mind
And took the confused refrain of human hopes
And made of them a sweet and happy call;
It lifted from an underground of pain
The inarticulate murmur of our lives
And found for it a sense illimitable.

It is here, in the Superemind that we discover the unifying Truth behind different and divergent tendencies in man. Here one sees the end of all error and suffering and discovers the secret Truth behind our confused stirrings, the hidden purpose of error and pain.

A mighty oneness
A mighty oneness its perpetual theme,
It caught the soul’s faint scattered utterances,
Read hardly twixt our lines of rigid thought
Or mid this drowse and coma on Matter’s breast
Heard like disjointed mutterings in sleep;
It grouped the golden links that they had lost
And showed to them their divine unity,
Saving from the error of divided self
The deep spiritual cry in all that is.

Here, in the Supermind, one discovers the Oneness behind all things, the grand synthesis, the hidden links of Truth that weave all creation in a single plan, the secret aspiration behind all that is.

An ever-burning revelation’s fire
All the great Words that toiled to express the One
Were lifted into an absoluteness of light,
An ever-burning Revelation’s fire
And the immortality of the eternal Voice.

It is the Origin of speech as the first Divine Vibration. It is the silence of the Infinite, the birthplace of the universe where the sacred Fire burns in its own Home of Truth. It is from here that the great Idea-forces are unleashed into creation, not as mutually opposing powers but as complimentary aspects of the One harmonized in His Oneness. As they descend they change into ideas and thoughts and human speech, often at clash with each other and source of much confusion. But here they discover their immortal truth that is perpetually revealed.

An omniscient scribe
There was no quarrel more of truth with truth;
The endless chapter of their differences
Retold in light by an omniscient Scribe
Travelled through difference towards unity,
Mind’s winding search lost every tinge of doubt
Led to its end by an all-seeing speech
That garbed the initial and original thought
With the finality of an ultimate phrase:
United were Time’s creative mood and tense
To the style and syntax of Identity.

The ascent of speech takes place as we go behind the words and thoughts and ideas into the silent consciousness that is behind it. Then our intelligence and speech becomes a seeing Intelligence, a seeing speech that expresses the multiple figures of the One. It is Truth speech so to say.

Closing remarks
Sri Aurobindo is giving us here a glimpse of the Supramental world even though from the outside.

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